Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Family sucks

Baby Related/ Shitty Family Vent:
I have 2 older brothers, my oldest brother is from my moms previous marriage so he's 20 years older than me and my brother is 4 years old than me and we have both parents are the same... anyways, we all havent spoken to (including my mom, its her son) for over a year, he threw a hissy fit last year that my brother and i were spoiled all our lives and he was basically upset my mom is different with us than she was with him.... but isnt that a little normal? I mean theres 20 years age gap between us, so my mom decided to do things differently the second time around, can you blame her if you get a second chance to do things differently??
Anyway, his new wife had a baby boy yesterday & the only reason i even know that is because i follow my 16 year old niece from his first marriage on Instagram.... Happy Holiday's ya'll, everyone has fucked up families but seriously, I thought eventually he would reach out after I had my daughter.... nothing. I mean, could I reach out to him now knowing he has a son? I mean I could... but it's just one of those situations where I feel like no matter what someone will be upset and hurt.

Also, my older cousin and his wife had a baby in early November and didn't tell anyone, at least not anyone in my house. The only reason I knew about that is because they sent out Holiday cards in December with pictures of their daughter on them... Can't make this stuff up!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby girl

In just a matter of 3 short months, my husband and I will be welcoming our baby girl into this world!
I am overcome with all sorts of emotions the further into this pregnancy I get- excited, anxious, it's apparently all normal.

Celebrated my 29th birthday the other day, my husband took me to the city and we saw a Broadway show called Chicago. We had a blast! It was a little different being 7 months pregnant walking around Manhattan, definitely had to slow it down and take some sitting breaks but it was so worth it :)

So blessed to have an amazing caring loving husband, I can't wait for our family to officially grow 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Love & Marriage

As of 11/13/16 I am now off the market as I am now a married lady.

Our wedding was everything i could have ever dreamed of.
Small, intimate with our immediate family & our closest friends.
We had about 40 people, perfection. We were able to say hello and thank everyone for coming and take all of our pictures plus we were even able to stop, eat and enjoy some of the ambience together.
I truthfully could not have had a better day. The weather was a perfect 60 degrees (not too hot or too cold), the food was phenomenal and the wait staff was spectacular.
There was so much food people were taking food home and I sent everyone home with extra cake and centerpieces. I will have to post some pictures later, they are pictures our friends and family took as we won't get the pictures from the photographer for a week or 2.
I am still in awe how perfectly our special day went.
It was truely magical.
Best day ever.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a safe but fun day with their loved ones.
I worked as it was my holiday to work this year.
After work though, the fiancé and I went and had a BBQ at my parents house and it was delicious!
My mom made the typical skirt steak, sausage, and she mixed it up this year by grilling up LAMB chops (yummy my favorite), a giant bowl of salad, vegetables on the side were grilled corn on the cobb, butternut squash and broccoli.
 I know most other Americans the traditional BBQ is hot dogs and hamburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw but we like to be a little different.

What are some of your favorite BBQ foods or your version of traditional BBQ foods?

Monday, July 4, 2016


On June 18th, 2016 my loving amazing boyfriend asked me to be his wife!
I couldn't be more excited to spend the rest of my life with my fiancé, he is truly wonderful and thoughtful.
He surprised me and took me on a wine & dine train up the Hudson River.
I gave him a hard time all morning too because I didn't know where we were going and he wasn't giving me any sort of details, I'm not one to be surprised. In fact no one has ever tried to surprise me before.
He also snuck and got my dad's permission without me even knowing, bonus points for the old school tradition of asking my dad!
He proposed after the dessert, it was the best day ever.
Below are some pictures from the day we got engaged:
When we got back to Penn Station that night, I didn't want the night to end.
So we went to a restaurant called Dallas BBQ in Manhattan and got drinks to celebrate:

We also decided we didn't want to wait a year to get married, we want to start a family and so we decided to set the date for this coming November 2016.
I can't wait to start the next chapter of my life, with the love of my life :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Planting Fields Arboretum

May 29th, 2016
With the love of my life looking at beautiful flowers on a beautiful day
Oyster Bay, Long Island, NY:

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boston, MA 2016

My birthday weekend this year, I decided to take a road trip with my love to Boston, MA.
I have always wanted to go and see the sites, eat the food you know, typical tourist stuff.
We didn't even make it a few miles into Massachusetts before getting pulled over by a state trooper for my loves license plate covers. Basically the cop was looking for a reason to pull us over talk to us to see if we were "normal".
My bfs car also has tinted windows just as an FYI but apparently the highway we were on, is a big drug trafficking area and a week prior they pulled someone over and seized a lot of cocaine and made a big arrest.
Luckily the trooper was a really nice guy and let us off with a warning about the license plate covers, and a lecture about the bust they made a week prior but we didn't get a ticket and for that I was grateful.
Always fun and exciting when you go anywhere with us!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the places we crammed into a short weekend.
I still want to go back and go to Salem, MA next time.
Next time we will take my car... lol