Monday, November 28, 2011

Technology phobic

My mother, god bless her is in her 60's and really is technology phobic.
As a kid, i tried to get her to use the computer and she would get overwhelmed and annoyed she wasn't "getting it" fast enough and would leave the room.
When she was a secretary over 20 years ago, she used a type writer.
When cell phones were getting very popular, she got one... and to this day barely uses it.
She writes down everyones number on a piece of paper and puts it in a "safe place so she wont lose it" so if she needs to call someone she can.
She has no clue how to use the phone book in the phone or how to text, i tried showing her, my dad picked it up but she didnt.
So, what did my mom do when she went shopping this weekend with my older brother?
She bought an ipad!!
Apparently my 9 year old neice, her granddaughter showed her all these cool slot machine type app games on the ipad, and my mom fell in love with it.
She actually kind of knows how to work it but still had some questions and i helped her and she LISTENED! OMG!!.
It just amazed me how for all these years i tried to show her how to work ANY computer type thing, and she would yell at me and get mad and walk away.
But her 9 year old granddaughter taught her and she sat and watched and listened to what she said. At least she did ask me stuff and listened for once, shocking!!

I gained 2 lbs since Thanksgiving, frustrating -_-
Well, today is the start to a new day to get back on track.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Sorry for the lack of entries, life can be so crazy busy the last week!
I will update again, just not home long enough to make a real in depth entry ;]
Off to work...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Would you like a partner for dinner?!

Never saw such an awkward "ask out" in my life, not even in High School!!
Guy turns to woman next on my line, "You have a lot of food there, making a nice dinner?"
Woman: "Yes." (looks away)
Guy: "Oh, would you like.... a..... part ner for...dinner?? (very nervous)
Woman: "Um, no thank you." (looks away again)
Guy: "Uhhhh.... how about this, um.... Can I take you to dinner some time? I don't mind um, paying and stuff."
Woman: "NO."
Guy: "Wow, I'm uhh batting 1,000 here... How about YOU??" (turns & looks at me)
Me: "Um, you can slide your card to pay any time now."
Guy: (embarrassed, turns red) pays & runs out
Woman (to me): Well, THAT was awkward, how many times was i going to say no?

LMFAO, i felt bad for the guy.... but he was too nervous and awkward. 
Most women like a man with SOME kind of confidence.
I know to me, if a guy stuttering & stammering and being really awkward, HUGE turn off!!!
Especially after I say "No" once, if your still persistant then I think you are really obnoxious.

Did i mention a woman i rang up today looked like the character Janice aka Tony Sopranos sister on The Sopranos? 
So weird!! & another customer brought it up!! 
If it was her, and i didnt get her autograph I'm going to be so mad!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Did you just sniff me?!

So, there's a creep in my cooking class
& for once it's not one of the older guys!
This guy, I don't know how old he is...
6'4'' or something big black guy with tattoos on his hands, neck like he looks like a murderer.
He works in the kitchen at an Applebee's, used to apparently work at my job.
He seems like a loser just put it that way.
He comes up to me the other night in class and SNIFFS me & tells me i smell good.
So just picture this huge black guy, hovers over me and takes a wiff.
& I'm like, did you just sniff me?!
He admitted it, and said i smelled amazing and wanted to know what perfume I was wearing.
I answered with, "I'm not even wearing perfume, maybe it's my shampoo."
So he sniffs me again... -_-,
& says "well whatever it is it smells awesome".
Then later in the class asked me if he could follow me out to my car to get my number...
  Iwas like NO.
So hes like what if i texts u like all da time.
I said, my BOYFRIEND would really not appreciate if you text me at all & if u do, it can only be for class related stuff.
He was like ohh... :\ ok.
& i ran away.
Either way i think he copied down my number because we all put our numbers on a paper for a snow day call list so we dont show up to class a night if class is canceled.
Stalker much?! FML.

Friday, November 18, 2011

More of My Food Experiments

My lunch from a few days ago;
2 cups baby spinach, 1/2 cup halved strawberries, 
1 golden delicious apple, 1 tblsp rice wine vinegar
& of course, a Skinny Water- I'm OBSESSED!
Delicious flavor, no sugar, no sodium, no calories- just vitamins.
I wish they went on sale for $1.00 each more often

The pasta I made in class last night;
Hand made FRESH tri color pasta made with; 
White flour, semolina flower, eggs, spinach, tomato paste
Red pepper, broccoli, garlic, and squash yellow chopped sauteed in olive oil, 
whole calamata olives added into sauteing for added flavor
With a balsamic vinegar reduction

It's a little tart, a little sweet- DELICIOUS. 
I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to boxed pasta ever again... 
I'm getting spoiled in this class!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tri Colored Pasta

Cooking class is tonight, and I'm so excited!
We're going to be making FRESH made tri-color pasta
I'm trying to stay away from carbs but I can make an exception once and a while..
After all, a cook has to sample what they made to make sure it's good :]

Cooking class has been inspiring me so much more to cook and to think outside the box and to experiment with new things in the kitchen.
Just this past weekend, my boyfriend and I made Chicken Parmesan:
Lightly breading salt free seasoned bread crumbs, 1 cage free egg, skim mozzerella cheese & heart healthy tomato sauce.
As a side dish we made: 
Whole wheat penne pasta with chopped onions and peppers with garlic and oil. 
mmm I'm getting hungry thinking about it, delicious and fairly healthy meal!

Yesterday for lunch i had:
2 cups baby spinach, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1 golden delicious apple, 1 tblsp rice wine vinegar.
Delicious a bit sweet and tart, nice balance. & very healthy

I'm enjoying cooking class so much that I'm contemplating going to culinary school. 
Like a full in depth course with tests and the uniforms and all that good stuff at an accredited school not just for fun or to dip my feet in the pool. 
Unfortunately it's going to run me about $6,000 that I don't currently have.... but I can possibly see about getting financial aide. Or take out student loans and pay them back, I think I might have found something that I'm good at AND makes me happy. 
I think hell just froze over...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

oooOOOOOohhhHHHHhhhh yesssss!!!!!

I was just reading an online article in Shape Magazine and this one particular article problem/question had really peaked my interest & I think that it is a good discussion piece:

"I’ve never had an orgasm. 
Ten percent of women are in your shoes, according to Rachel Needle, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida. 
“Letting yourself go can be scary,” says Needle. 
“And the more you stress out about it, the harder it is to focus on climaxing.” 
But it’s really worth the effort: 
Not only do they feel good, research suggests that orgasms can reduce stress, alleviate pain and symptoms of PMS, and may even help you live longer. 
There’s no universal map to “getting there” because everyone is different; learning about your body is key. “Masturbating is the best way to do this,” says Levine. 
“Once you’ve orgasmed on your own, you’ll be better able to guide your partner.” 
Often intercourse alone isn’t enough stimulation, adds Nelson, so experiment by using your hands and trying various positions. 
Don’t fret about how long it takes—anywhere from seven to 30 minutes is normal. Just lie back and enjoy."- Kate Kelly and Sharon Liao, Shape Magazine

I agree 100% that you need to get yourself off in order to figure out and to know what you like and don't like sexually. 
I feel bad for the 10 or more % of people who never had an orgasm, I don't think that's healthy! 
If i were a doctor, i would recommend at least one a day... like the vitamin but way more enjoyable.
There are many ways to try to do it yourself nowaday anyway, you don't have to just have a partner or your own hand. 
There's probably hundreds of different types of vibrators, dildos, massagers to get the juices going for that ultimate rush feeling of an amazing orgasm! 
Just ask Sis aka LMF, just last year she had a sex toy party! I stocked up on some good stuff from edible creams to this stuff called Climaxa which when rubbed on the clit, became warm and made a tingling sensation making any touch magnetize what seemed to be 1,000%!! ;]
I'm a firm believer that if you don't love yourself in every sense of the word love, no one will be able to love you.
But seriously, I don't want to remember what life was like before orgasms. 
Maybe if everyone had them more often, people would be more pleasant to be around! 
Maybe it would create peace on earth if everyone rubbed one out once a day or got a good lube or vibrator or had a skilled sexual partner.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Turkey

At my job, they do a Thanksgiving promotion inorder to get people to shop at the store. 
So, they have a promotion that if you spend $300.00 between october 16th and novemeber 24th you can claim a free:
Store brand frozen turkey, tofurky, stoffuers lasagna or a store made frozen ham. 
You can only claim 1 per family, if you want a kosher turkey anything over 15 lbs is .49 a lb or something etc. 
It basically limits the more expensive ones and you pay the difference but their all very fair prices. 
It states all the information on the signs in the store, in the weekly flyer, at the registers posted sign, and on the bottom of the reciepts. plus theres signs in the cases where the stuff is, & yet....

Why is it that every time someone comes over with a damn turkey, 
I get yelled at that i dont know what im talking about and that im an idiot?? 
Go speak to customer service or a manager then. I don't control what is given for free or the prices of anything. 
In all honesty, it's not my fault these people choose NOT to read the stipulations of the promotion.
I can feel the hate in some people when they leave me line after i explain to them no, it's only free to a certain extent with certain types of turkeys or hams they pick out. 
Like, a honey spiral ham from a brand name is more expensive then a store brand for the most part so we only give off a certain amount of pounds and you pay the difference, which is like what $10? 
People are so ignorant and cheap sometimes it makes me mad!!
I feel like they pick the one that isn't 100% free on purpose, just to get into an argument or to see if they could argue the more expensive one for free. Savages...

I can't make EVERYONE happy. fuck it.

Grapefruit Diet, Diet! Hold back the pizza & beer...

I know dieiting has become part of my daily life for about a year now. 
I lost about 60 lbs, I still find dieting a bit of a struggle every day. 
Exercise has become... well nill. I just got unmotivated to exercise, I was at one time exercising every day except on the weekend. 
I've been staying about the same weight though even without exercising i'm still within a 5 lb range of what i was when i was exercising daily. Almost makes me wonder, is exercise really that important? Or is food and diet intake more important?
When im at work im on my feet for 5+ hours a day and i walk around a decent amount daily so it's not like im glued to the couch. So i wonder, does everyone need to exercise for 1+ hr a day in order to stay "fit"?

How do you feel about the billions of diet trends around today? 
I know i feel overwhelmed when going into a bookstore to look into a new cook book or diet cook book.
Everything from Weight Watchers to Southbeach Diet to Atkins to Nutrisystem to HCG. I mean, i could go on and on with all these diet crazes! 
It could make you dizzy trying to figure out which diet would best suit you... when are scientists going to come up with that magic pill already?!
I've only tried 1 diet pill aid that ACTUALLY helped/worked and it was this:
But you can only take it as directed, and once you take it you cant take it again for a few months due to the amount of caffeine in it. 
I give this 2 big thumbs up and I recommend this for anyone who is serious about weight loss.
Though it works best if you have an exercise/diet program to go along with it. 
Which leads me to my next conundrum...

Which foods are healthy/not healthy?
Every diet seems to have a different answer, and scientists can't seem to agree 100% on what foods are good and bad for you! One minute processed foods are so bad dieticians say that's whats making americans fat. 
On the other hand, other dieticians are writing articles for magazines "top 20 snack foods for dieters" and their putting things on there such as:
"Soy crips"- Full of salt preservatives, high carbs.
"Express/On The Go Oatmeal"- Full of sugar, high calories, low fiber, high carbs, high salt.
"Granola bars"- high calories, high salt, low fiber, high sugar, high carbs

Which leads to yet another question, "Can you REALLY believe every/any diet book or article"?
I buy cook books, for reference. 
I ONLY buy ones that list the calorie, sugar, sodium and carb per serving so that i know what I'm eating, and i can always tweak it to make it not as bad for you so i feel good about the meal I'm eating. 
I also, use an online application to track my calorie intake, exercise and stuff for the day to track my weight loss goals. I am in control of my weight loss goals, not some crazy diet trend i wouldn't be able to follow because they all seem complicated for no reason.


He's furry, bites and scratches, meow's oddly. 
He's lazy, chubby and not intimidating at all but we still call him our guard cat. 

Did I mention, I think he thinks he's a dog?! 
What normal cat does that pose, it's a dogs pose!!
Well, he might be slightly "off" because when he was a kitten, i was a bit of an experimenter in HS and i think he got into some of my stuff. nothing serious, just on the herb/plant level... but i still think it made him loopy. No one in the family knows about it though, they just think he's a bi polar psycho cat.
How can you NOT love a cute little furry face like that?? 
I mean, when he's not biting or scratching I love him to pieces.
I'm a cat person through and through, been around cats since the day i was born. 
Plus, I'm very allergic to dogs... among a million other things I'm allergic to. 
Anyone else allergic to stuff? If so, what?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ink, Not Mink

Chester Bennington of amazing rock band, Linkin Park posing for the Ink not Mink campaign. 
He is not only a very talented musician, singer and song writer but has a disturbing troubled past as well. 
I read interviews with him years ago, and he explains that he got inspiration for writing many of his songs because he was molested as a child. 
It is very sad he had to go through that, but he ended up making something of his life and persevered to be a better person. Instead of letting it ruin his life, he is helping other people deal with it by hearing his words. 
In some of the recorded songs, you can almost hear the hate/pain in his voice. 
I admire him very much for his courage to let so many people into that part of his inspiration.

Wise Guy

The only remotely interesting customer I've had recently, was a 40 or 50 something year old guy with a big bushy beard that had to tell me that his grandmother used to tell him "Don't be a wise guy". He must have told me this, 50 times! 
I said, "That's nice?". What else could i say to that? Then i started kind of laughing/smiling at how he was saying it, and he was so happy he made me smile. He shouted "LOOK! Look at that!! I'm making her smile!!" Awkward...

Recently I also had a customer ask me how frequent i work and what time of day i usually work. 
I was scared he might stalk me or murder me walking out to my car, so i said every week and every day is different.... which wasn't necessarily a lie i mean retail hours are always different and suck. 
But then i asked, why do you want to know? 
Then he got quiet, didn't say a work paid and left quickly. WTF?!

Did i also mention i HATE wearing a name tag at work?
I don't appreciate strangers knowing my name, and especially when they mispronounce it. 
I hate when customers think their cute by saying hi to me, look at my name tag and say hi with my name like they think they know me personally for years.

Old people customers are the WORST for these top 5 reasons;
1. "Can i give you the 98 cents in change? I want to get rid of some of my change."- Which then turns into them stand there for 10+ minutes, counting nickles and pennies. -_-
2. "How much is this?"- (say however much it rings up and point to the screen where it shows it) 
WHAT??? (repeat exactly what i said, louder) WHAT?? I CANT HEAR YOU. 
I so badly want to tell them to either: turn UP their hearing aid, or to get one... or just put yourself out of misery already!!
3. Almost anything more then 1.00, is too expensive & they complain about how they can't afford anything on Social Security. & how years ago groceries were so much cheaper. 
That is a true statement, that groceries even a few years ago were cheaper but now EVERYTHING is expensive people!!
4. Old people smell like shit, piss, moth balls, cheap perfume/cologne, bengay, any gross smell imaginable is what old people smell like. 
It's gross, shower and smell normal stop making all of us suffer.
5. Rude old people. Just because your old, doesn't give you the right to talk down to everyone and be just a miserable piece of shit. Not all young people are assholes, but i your going to be rude... well then you deserve it back! Sometime i want to tell the rude old people should either stay home or take the stick out of their ass.

-End Rant-


I've been hooked on the new AMC series show called, #TheWalkingDead since season one. 
Now that were midway through season 2 has been getting a little more interesting, & the guys are looking a little hotter for some reason lol! 
Gore, guts, guns, i mean what more can i ask for in a zombie show?! This show is blowing all old zombie movies out of the water between the special effects, zombie makeup... everything! Granted, their not really following the graphic novel story line but it's still an awesome show!

Oh yeah, the guys aren't bad looking either, that guy from Boondock Saints is in the show.... for a red neck kinda weird character he is very likable.
He almost got killed off on last nights episode because stupid Andrea doesn't like to take orders from the men.
I would have been so mad if he was killed off already, he's my favorite character next to Shane. Even if Shane is a douche bag and kind of an asshole in the second season, i still like his character.

Although his character "Shane" might be going psycho on the show, killed a character to save himself... He's still not terrible on the eyes. lol
I don't know if I would be mad if there was a zombie apocalypse if he was there to save the day haha.

There are other male and female characters on the show but I'll post about them later. I can't wait for next weeks episode already!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My teacher looks like Paula Dean with shorter hair..

Tonight in cooking class I made:
Carrot ginger soup; thick soup, tastes very similar and has a similar consistency to the dressing they put on salads at the Japanese Hibachi restaurants. It can be served either hot or cold, mmm delicious!!
Black bean soup; needs another can of beans for texture because the other can was pureed but its tangy from the jalapeno, very delicious my boyfriend and his dad are going to absolutely love it! They LOVE spicy hahaha
Manhattan clam chowder; Nice, chunky not an over load on the potatoes (icky, carbohydrates are an evil & add extra unnecessary calories!) It was so good that I got an immediate 2 thumbs up from dad on this one haha!!
Dad tried all 3 as soon as i got home, he liked all of them :] I don't think I could ever go back to a completely canned soup ever again after cooking it and using mostly fresh ingredients....I'm going to be a soup snob haha :X

Night Cooking Class

Tonight in cooking class I made:
Carrot ginger soup; thick soup, tastes very similar and has a similar consistency to the dressing they put on salads at the Japanese Hibachi restaurants. It can be served either hot or cold, mmm delicious!!
Black bean soup; needs another can of beans for texture because the other can was pureed but its tangy from the jalapeno, very delicious my boyfriend and his dad are going to absolutely love it! They LOVE spicy hahaha
Manhattan clam chowder; Nice, chunky not an over load on the potatoes (icky, carbohydrates are an evil & add extra unnecessary calories!) It was so good that I got an immediate 2 thumbs up from dad on this one haha!!
Dad tried all 3 as soon as i got home, he liked all of them :] I don't think I could ever go back to a completely canned soup ever again after cooking it and using mostly fresh ingredients....I'm going to be a soup :X

Some of My Food Experiments

 Mango, Papaya, Peach yogurt smoothie. Blended with ice, mmm!
1/2 cup of egg whites, 1 slice fat free kraft american cheese, 1 slice of light whole wheat bread with smart balance heart right light butter
 1/2 cup of egg whites, 1/2 chopped green pepper. 1 chopped slice of white onion.
 2 slices light whole wheat bread, 1 tblsp almond butter no salt added, 1 tblsp sugar free blackberry jam, 1 cut up red delicious apple.
 1 cup baby spinach, 1/2 cup halved strawberries, 1/2 cup raspberries.
1 golden delicious apple cut, 1 low carb salsa tortilla, 1/2 cup baby spinach, 2 tblsp roasted garlic hummus, 1/2 cup sliced red bell pepper

MMMM I'm hungry now!! LOL

Worst Pick Up Lines

Sis aka LMF asked on her last blog post, "what were the worst pick up lines you ever got?" 
I have quite a few with stories attached to some in response to that one hahaha

Tip #1 Guys; 
Pick up lines are ALWAYS really cheesy and makes a girl 
NOT want to date you automatically after hearing it. 
Unless she is VERY gullible and believes that crap.

1. "You have very nice skin, its so pale and pure... perfect for tattooing"
That was a random messege from a guy on myspace who i actually met years later by chance. 
I brought that up and he got embaressed and pretened to not know who i was. (Probably because his wife was standing there with the kids)
2. "I just wanted to let you know, that i see you two fist pumping over here having a good time"
(There was no music playing, there fore no fist pumping was happening. only us quietly watching the UFC paper view on the tvs having a drink bullshitting)
Only when Sis and I are at a bar, can some asshole come up to us and say dumb shit lmao.
I told him, "It's nice to know you have eyeballs, can I help you?"
He responded with, "If you girls want a drink tonight, let me know I'll buy it."
WTF?! lmao that was also the night Sis met some jackass i think his name was Matt that wouldnt stop texting her to the point where she wanted to throw her phone.
Tip #2 Guys; 
If a girl doesn't answer your phone call or text the first time. Give it a rest! 
Blowing up her phone, is only a turnOFF & makes you look psychotic. 
You can most definitely kiss your chances with her goodbye if she looks at her phone and sees 765434567 missed called and 87654567890 texts.

 3. "Yo shorty, lemme getcha numba you lookin FINE tonight! Leave ya boy n cum wit me. mMmMm i'll treat you better then him. dayummm uze fine"
Mind you, I was standing outside Starbucks with my bf and we were all over each other and shit so he was NOT happy when this kid came up and said this shit. 
But i said to the kid (because i think he was only like 16) you see im with my man, walk away.
This kid was so stupid, him and his friend did that twice! 
THEN my bf went up to them and said he was going to kick their ass if they hit on me again & so they ran off like scared puppies lol
4. "Wow, I never met a girl who like knew anything about beer. Or a girl that like really likes to drinks beer. That's pretty hott.... can i like... get your number to... um.... talk about.... beer??"
If your not a valley GIRL from the 80's, you shouldn't say "like" so much!!
Stuttering and stammering is also a turn off, girls like guys who have some sort of confidence.
 5. "You have really pretty eyes"
Um, come up with something slightly origional please?
Plus, in a dark bar how the fuck are you going to see what my eyes look like?? You're an idiot.
I get the creepiest "pick up line" messages on the internet:
glewykablewy: heya hotsymama, i plan to travel the states by blow-up kayak and fold-up bike in order to farm, have fun and (if you want) stop by your house. you are absolutely sexy and delicious looking but you knew that... i wonder how you taste...
Yene_Coene: i can't help but appreciate your boobs in that pic. not to be a perv or anything if you can't see what I mean, then iunno....

I probably have more bad pick up line stories i just cant think of more right now lol.
The dating world, what a cruel and stupid place lol. 
Thankfully I'm taken, but i still get hit on by dumbasses.

Attack of the ex bf

Anyone have an ex that just doesn't seem to go away for very long? I find it annoying and obnoxious, we broke up... move on. You can't be friends with an ex it just doesn't work.

This guy, we will call "Brooklyn" was a 6'3'' big Spanish kid with a bright green Mohawk i went out with in HS and we only dated for 3 months. 
Which out of the 3 months, i only saw him 3 times because i met him in the city.
This is how the break up went: he called me one night crying hysterically saying that he had sex with this girl sara but he wished it was me and he was drunk and he called her my name which made her cry. 
(we never had sex btw). 
I said, well... you cheated so I'm done with you. Your dirty and disgusting and i hung up on him. The next day he called me up again crying saying we had to break up and hes sorry because hes being deported back to Ecuador because he had to serve in the military. 
WTF? i just broke up with you yesterday why are you calling me?? 
Ok liar psycho boy whatever were broken up i don't care anymore. 

Needless to say, he was NEVER deported. He did however go to VISIT his family there for a few months and came back no problem! 
I hate liars....
Anyway, YEARS pass. & randomly after I'm seeing my boyfriend for like 2 years he pops up out of nowhere being like "i miss you, i treated you like crap. can we be friends?" 
So whatever i accepted his apology thinking he would just go away. NO. He continued to harass me all the time, saying we should hang out without your bf. 
Saying shit like i want to kiss you, i want you, i want to treat you the way you should have been treated. 
I said I'm in love with my bf you had your chance years ago and you blew it like get over it. 
He got mad and said all this dumb shit such as i know i screwed up give me another chance all those typical lines guys tend to use. 
I said, what do you not understand about me not wanting to mess up my relationship for anything? I'm in love take a hint im being blunt now but go the fuck away!!
Basically he then admitted he only wants to hang out to sleep with me because I'm the only girl he wanted that he never got. GROSS. 
So i said "your not worth ruining my relationship with my bf who gets mad every time you message me and you start fights between me and him its not worth it I'm cutting off contact with you. lose my number and respect me by staying away"
So what happens a year later after i remove the block on him from Facebook?? HE INSTANTLY SENDS ME A REQUEST!!! Someone doesn't get the hint do they??

Brooklyn: hey whats up? how have you been?
·  Me: good and you?
·  Brooklyn: Really good, I moved to Missouri a few months back
·  Me: thats cool i guess i never been out there
·  Brooklyn: Haha its really nice, not as country as I would like but I'm happy here. I live right outside Kansas city but I'm moving back to ny next summer. Still long island?
·  Me: Yep why r u moving bak if u like it?
·  Brooklyn: Miss my family too much, plus I dnt drive and I need to out here
·  Me: ahhh
·  Brooklyn: Yea so Idk my lease is up next summer so ill be moving back then, hey im gnna shower and get ready and ill message u when I'm at work. Later

I don't understand, why not just go away? I really didn't care about him or where he is or what he is doing if i cared, i think i would have sent him the request or the message. I think some people you let out of your life for a reason, and they should stay out of your life.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Asshole customer of the day

I feel like if your going to be a rude customer, then maybe you should just stay home instead of polluting the world with your negative bitchy attitude. Just sayin'.

So, i ring up these 3 girls and they have a toy at the bottom of the cart;
Me: "Is that your toy?"
Me: "Ok." (Finish ringing them up)
I ask again "Would you like that toy at the bottom of your cart?"
Me: "ok i can take it until you decide if you want".
Bitchy Customer: "WELL HOW MUCH IS IT?" 
Me: (look up price), "its 14.99".
Bitchy Customer: "THE SIGN SAID IT WAS ON SALE!!"
Me: "well it is ringing up 14.99, would you like me to add it to the order to see if anything comes off with the card? 
Bitchy customer's friend: "DONT YOU DARE PUT THAT ON MY ORDER. 
Me: Ok, (puts toy under register) 

They leave & my next customer goes, "Is that a joke? Do you know those girls?" I said no i don't know those wackos. She was like OMG i thought you knew them!! WHAT NERVE! I BET THEY WERE TRYING TO STEAL THAT TOY! Wow people will stoop so low as to yell at you when you prevented them from stealing well i think they were rude.
Then a girl on the line behind me says "Were those girls giving you a hard time?" i was like "it's whatever i dont even care" and she says "im going to say something to them in the parking lot!!" i was like "i wouldn't do that if i were you..." So i don't know if they all knew each other or if they were all just wackos but at the end of the day, i just wanted to go home.

Did i mention i work at a GROCERY store and these assholes are arguing about the price of a TOY & paid with a food stamp card? Sometimes, i hate people who are on assistance they can be such pieces of shit.

A little about me.

I'm a young female raised by 2 insane Jewish parents.
I'm in my 20's. I was born and raised in Long Island NY, I love to travel because LI is a pretty boring place. 
I still live at home with my parents due to the fact that i don't make nearly enough money to live on my own. 
I currently work part time as a grocery store cashier. I was a full time administrative assistant for a HVAC company but due to lack of work i was let go last year and was unemployed for 6 months. 
It's not a glamorous job being a cashier, and the general public is pretty awful but i needed to do something to pay my bills & nothing else came up for work. 
I dropped out of college after the first semester years ago and recently decided that i was no longer going to just be an unhappy disgruntled retail associate and signed up for cooking classes at night one night a week. 
I hope to experiment with different aspects of cooking and find something i love to do, and look into a career in that field and possible further schooling and study in it.
I have an amazing supportive boyfriend who drives me crazy sometimes but i love him more then anything. 
In march will be our 5 year anniversary, when i was in high school I never thought i would be able to be with someone for so long.
The next post will probably be more interesting lol