Thursday, November 10, 2011

Attack of the ex bf

Anyone have an ex that just doesn't seem to go away for very long? I find it annoying and obnoxious, we broke up... move on. You can't be friends with an ex it just doesn't work.

This guy, we will call "Brooklyn" was a 6'3'' big Spanish kid with a bright green Mohawk i went out with in HS and we only dated for 3 months. 
Which out of the 3 months, i only saw him 3 times because i met him in the city.
This is how the break up went: he called me one night crying hysterically saying that he had sex with this girl sara but he wished it was me and he was drunk and he called her my name which made her cry. 
(we never had sex btw). 
I said, well... you cheated so I'm done with you. Your dirty and disgusting and i hung up on him. The next day he called me up again crying saying we had to break up and hes sorry because hes being deported back to Ecuador because he had to serve in the military. 
WTF? i just broke up with you yesterday why are you calling me?? 
Ok liar psycho boy whatever were broken up i don't care anymore. 

Needless to say, he was NEVER deported. He did however go to VISIT his family there for a few months and came back no problem! 
I hate liars....
Anyway, YEARS pass. & randomly after I'm seeing my boyfriend for like 2 years he pops up out of nowhere being like "i miss you, i treated you like crap. can we be friends?" 
So whatever i accepted his apology thinking he would just go away. NO. He continued to harass me all the time, saying we should hang out without your bf. 
Saying shit like i want to kiss you, i want you, i want to treat you the way you should have been treated. 
I said I'm in love with my bf you had your chance years ago and you blew it like get over it. 
He got mad and said all this dumb shit such as i know i screwed up give me another chance all those typical lines guys tend to use. 
I said, what do you not understand about me not wanting to mess up my relationship for anything? I'm in love take a hint im being blunt now but go the fuck away!!
Basically he then admitted he only wants to hang out to sleep with me because I'm the only girl he wanted that he never got. GROSS. 
So i said "your not worth ruining my relationship with my bf who gets mad every time you message me and you start fights between me and him its not worth it I'm cutting off contact with you. lose my number and respect me by staying away"
So what happens a year later after i remove the block on him from Facebook?? HE INSTANTLY SENDS ME A REQUEST!!! Someone doesn't get the hint do they??

Brooklyn: hey whats up? how have you been?
·  Me: good and you?
·  Brooklyn: Really good, I moved to Missouri a few months back
·  Me: thats cool i guess i never been out there
·  Brooklyn: Haha its really nice, not as country as I would like but I'm happy here. I live right outside Kansas city but I'm moving back to ny next summer. Still long island?
·  Me: Yep why r u moving bak if u like it?
·  Brooklyn: Miss my family too much, plus I dnt drive and I need to out here
·  Me: ahhh
·  Brooklyn: Yea so Idk my lease is up next summer so ill be moving back then, hey im gnna shower and get ready and ill message u when I'm at work. Later

I don't understand, why not just go away? I really didn't care about him or where he is or what he is doing if i cared, i think i would have sent him the request or the message. I think some people you let out of your life for a reason, and they should stay out of your life.

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