Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Free Turkey

At my job, they do a Thanksgiving promotion inorder to get people to shop at the store. 
So, they have a promotion that if you spend $300.00 between october 16th and novemeber 24th you can claim a free:
Store brand frozen turkey, tofurky, stoffuers lasagna or a store made frozen ham. 
You can only claim 1 per family, if you want a kosher turkey anything over 15 lbs is .49 a lb or something etc. 
It basically limits the more expensive ones and you pay the difference but their all very fair prices. 
It states all the information on the signs in the store, in the weekly flyer, at the registers posted sign, and on the bottom of the reciepts. plus theres signs in the cases where the stuff is, & yet....

Why is it that every time someone comes over with a damn turkey, 
I get yelled at that i dont know what im talking about and that im an idiot?? 
Go speak to customer service or a manager then. I don't control what is given for free or the prices of anything. 
In all honesty, it's not my fault these people choose NOT to read the stipulations of the promotion.
I can feel the hate in some people when they leave me line after i explain to them no, it's only free to a certain extent with certain types of turkeys or hams they pick out. 
Like, a honey spiral ham from a brand name is more expensive then a store brand for the most part so we only give off a certain amount of pounds and you pay the difference, which is like what $10? 
People are so ignorant and cheap sometimes it makes me mad!!
I feel like they pick the one that isn't 100% free on purpose, just to get into an argument or to see if they could argue the more expensive one for free. Savages...

I can't make EVERYONE happy. fuck it.

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