Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grapefruit Diet, Diet! Hold back the pizza & beer...

I know dieiting has become part of my daily life for about a year now. 
I lost about 60 lbs, I still find dieting a bit of a struggle every day. 
Exercise has become... well nill. I just got unmotivated to exercise, I was at one time exercising every day except on the weekend. 
I've been staying about the same weight though even without exercising i'm still within a 5 lb range of what i was when i was exercising daily. Almost makes me wonder, is exercise really that important? Or is food and diet intake more important?
When im at work im on my feet for 5+ hours a day and i walk around a decent amount daily so it's not like im glued to the couch. So i wonder, does everyone need to exercise for 1+ hr a day in order to stay "fit"?

How do you feel about the billions of diet trends around today? 
I know i feel overwhelmed when going into a bookstore to look into a new cook book or diet cook book.
Everything from Weight Watchers to Southbeach Diet to Atkins to Nutrisystem to HCG. I mean, i could go on and on with all these diet crazes! 
It could make you dizzy trying to figure out which diet would best suit you... when are scientists going to come up with that magic pill already?!
I've only tried 1 diet pill aid that ACTUALLY helped/worked and it was this:
But you can only take it as directed, and once you take it you cant take it again for a few months due to the amount of caffeine in it. 
I give this 2 big thumbs up and I recommend this for anyone who is serious about weight loss.
Though it works best if you have an exercise/diet program to go along with it. 
Which leads me to my next conundrum...

Which foods are healthy/not healthy?
Every diet seems to have a different answer, and scientists can't seem to agree 100% on what foods are good and bad for you! One minute processed foods are so bad dieticians say that's whats making americans fat. 
On the other hand, other dieticians are writing articles for magazines "top 20 snack foods for dieters" and their putting things on there such as:
"Soy crips"- Full of salt preservatives, high carbs.
"Express/On The Go Oatmeal"- Full of sugar, high calories, low fiber, high carbs, high salt.
"Granola bars"- high calories, high salt, low fiber, high sugar, high carbs

Which leads to yet another question, "Can you REALLY believe every/any diet book or article"?
I buy cook books, for reference. 
I ONLY buy ones that list the calorie, sugar, sodium and carb per serving so that i know what I'm eating, and i can always tweak it to make it not as bad for you so i feel good about the meal I'm eating. 
I also, use an online application to track my calorie intake, exercise and stuff for the day to track my weight loss goals. I am in control of my weight loss goals, not some crazy diet trend i wouldn't be able to follow because they all seem complicated for no reason.

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