Monday, November 14, 2011

Ink, Not Mink

Chester Bennington of amazing rock band, Linkin Park posing for the Ink not Mink campaign. 
He is not only a very talented musician, singer and song writer but has a disturbing troubled past as well. 
I read interviews with him years ago, and he explains that he got inspiration for writing many of his songs because he was molested as a child. 
It is very sad he had to go through that, but he ended up making something of his life and persevered to be a better person. Instead of letting it ruin his life, he is helping other people deal with it by hearing his words. 
In some of the recorded songs, you can almost hear the hate/pain in his voice. 
I admire him very much for his courage to let so many people into that part of his inspiration.

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