Tuesday, November 15, 2011


He's furry, bites and scratches, meow's oddly. 
He's lazy, chubby and not intimidating at all but we still call him our guard cat. 

Did I mention, I think he thinks he's a dog?! 
What normal cat does that pose, it's a dogs pose!!
Well, he might be slightly "off" because when he was a kitten, i was a bit of an experimenter in HS and i think he got into some of my stuff. nothing serious, just on the herb/plant level... but i still think it made him loopy. No one in the family knows about it though, they just think he's a bi polar psycho cat.
How can you NOT love a cute little furry face like that?? 
I mean, when he's not biting or scratching I love him to pieces.
I'm a cat person through and through, been around cats since the day i was born. 
Plus, I'm very allergic to dogs... among a million other things I'm allergic to. 
Anyone else allergic to stuff? If so, what?

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