Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A little about me.

I'm a young female raised by 2 insane Jewish parents.
I'm in my 20's. I was born and raised in Long Island NY, I love to travel because LI is a pretty boring place. 
I still live at home with my parents due to the fact that i don't make nearly enough money to live on my own. 
I currently work part time as a grocery store cashier. I was a full time administrative assistant for a HVAC company but due to lack of work i was let go last year and was unemployed for 6 months. 
It's not a glamorous job being a cashier, and the general public is pretty awful but i needed to do something to pay my bills & nothing else came up for work. 
I dropped out of college after the first semester years ago and recently decided that i was no longer going to just be an unhappy disgruntled retail associate and signed up for cooking classes at night one night a week. 
I hope to experiment with different aspects of cooking and find something i love to do, and look into a career in that field and possible further schooling and study in it.
I have an amazing supportive boyfriend who drives me crazy sometimes but i love him more then anything. 
In march will be our 5 year anniversary, when i was in high school I never thought i would be able to be with someone for so long.
The next post will probably be more interesting lol

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