Wednesday, November 16, 2011

oooOOOOOohhhHHHHhhhh yesssss!!!!!

I was just reading an online article in Shape Magazine and this one particular article problem/question had really peaked my interest & I think that it is a good discussion piece:

"I’ve never had an orgasm. 
Ten percent of women are in your shoes, according to Rachel Needle, a clinical psychologist at the Center for Marital and Sexual Health of South Florida. 
“Letting yourself go can be scary,” says Needle. 
“And the more you stress out about it, the harder it is to focus on climaxing.” 
But it’s really worth the effort: 
Not only do they feel good, research suggests that orgasms can reduce stress, alleviate pain and symptoms of PMS, and may even help you live longer. 
There’s no universal map to “getting there” because everyone is different; learning about your body is key. “Masturbating is the best way to do this,” says Levine. 
“Once you’ve orgasmed on your own, you’ll be better able to guide your partner.” 
Often intercourse alone isn’t enough stimulation, adds Nelson, so experiment by using your hands and trying various positions. 
Don’t fret about how long it takes—anywhere from seven to 30 minutes is normal. Just lie back and enjoy."- Kate Kelly and Sharon Liao, Shape Magazine

I agree 100% that you need to get yourself off in order to figure out and to know what you like and don't like sexually. 
I feel bad for the 10 or more % of people who never had an orgasm, I don't think that's healthy! 
If i were a doctor, i would recommend at least one a day... like the vitamin but way more enjoyable.
There are many ways to try to do it yourself nowaday anyway, you don't have to just have a partner or your own hand. 
There's probably hundreds of different types of vibrators, dildos, massagers to get the juices going for that ultimate rush feeling of an amazing orgasm! 
Just ask Sis aka LMF, just last year she had a sex toy party! I stocked up on some good stuff from edible creams to this stuff called Climaxa which when rubbed on the clit, became warm and made a tingling sensation making any touch magnetize what seemed to be 1,000%!! ;]
I'm a firm believer that if you don't love yourself in every sense of the word love, no one will be able to love you.
But seriously, I don't want to remember what life was like before orgasms. 
Maybe if everyone had them more often, people would be more pleasant to be around! 
Maybe it would create peace on earth if everyone rubbed one out once a day or got a good lube or vibrator or had a skilled sexual partner.


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MurphysLaw said...

hahaha, men's is messier, they need more clean up but cleanliness in general is always good :]