Monday, November 28, 2011

Technology phobic

My mother, god bless her is in her 60's and really is technology phobic.
As a kid, i tried to get her to use the computer and she would get overwhelmed and annoyed she wasn't "getting it" fast enough and would leave the room.
When she was a secretary over 20 years ago, she used a type writer.
When cell phones were getting very popular, she got one... and to this day barely uses it.
She writes down everyones number on a piece of paper and puts it in a "safe place so she wont lose it" so if she needs to call someone she can.
She has no clue how to use the phone book in the phone or how to text, i tried showing her, my dad picked it up but she didnt.
So, what did my mom do when she went shopping this weekend with my older brother?
She bought an ipad!!
Apparently my 9 year old neice, her granddaughter showed her all these cool slot machine type app games on the ipad, and my mom fell in love with it.
She actually kind of knows how to work it but still had some questions and i helped her and she LISTENED! OMG!!.
It just amazed me how for all these years i tried to show her how to work ANY computer type thing, and she would yell at me and get mad and walk away.
But her 9 year old granddaughter taught her and she sat and watched and listened to what she said. At least she did ask me stuff and listened for once, shocking!!

I gained 2 lbs since Thanksgiving, frustrating -_-
Well, today is the start to a new day to get back on track.


Little Ms. Fun said...

Really? 2 Pounds?! You're turning into me !!! Thank God I read a Glamour article that told me to hide the scale and only weigh myself every month. hahaha Listen to Glamour! :)

MurphysLaw said...

I'm getting my monkey so it's probably why i have a spike in weight gain. im not killing myself over it though :p

Anonymous said...

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