Monday, November 14, 2011

Wise Guy

The only remotely interesting customer I've had recently, was a 40 or 50 something year old guy with a big bushy beard that had to tell me that his grandmother used to tell him "Don't be a wise guy". He must have told me this, 50 times! 
I said, "That's nice?". What else could i say to that? Then i started kind of laughing/smiling at how he was saying it, and he was so happy he made me smile. He shouted "LOOK! Look at that!! I'm making her smile!!" Awkward...

Recently I also had a customer ask me how frequent i work and what time of day i usually work. 
I was scared he might stalk me or murder me walking out to my car, so i said every week and every day is different.... which wasn't necessarily a lie i mean retail hours are always different and suck. 
But then i asked, why do you want to know? 
Then he got quiet, didn't say a work paid and left quickly. WTF?!

Did i also mention i HATE wearing a name tag at work?
I don't appreciate strangers knowing my name, and especially when they mispronounce it. 
I hate when customers think their cute by saying hi to me, look at my name tag and say hi with my name like they think they know me personally for years.

Old people customers are the WORST for these top 5 reasons;
1. "Can i give you the 98 cents in change? I want to get rid of some of my change."- Which then turns into them stand there for 10+ minutes, counting nickles and pennies. -_-
2. "How much is this?"- (say however much it rings up and point to the screen where it shows it) 
WHAT??? (repeat exactly what i said, louder) WHAT?? I CANT HEAR YOU. 
I so badly want to tell them to either: turn UP their hearing aid, or to get one... or just put yourself out of misery already!!
3. Almost anything more then 1.00, is too expensive & they complain about how they can't afford anything on Social Security. & how years ago groceries were so much cheaper. 
That is a true statement, that groceries even a few years ago were cheaper but now EVERYTHING is expensive people!!
4. Old people smell like shit, piss, moth balls, cheap perfume/cologne, bengay, any gross smell imaginable is what old people smell like. 
It's gross, shower and smell normal stop making all of us suffer.
5. Rude old people. Just because your old, doesn't give you the right to talk down to everyone and be just a miserable piece of shit. Not all young people are assholes, but i your going to be rude... well then you deserve it back! Sometime i want to tell the rude old people should either stay home or take the stick out of their ass.

-End Rant-

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