Monday, November 21, 2011

Would you like a partner for dinner?!

Never saw such an awkward "ask out" in my life, not even in High School!!
Guy turns to woman next on my line, "You have a lot of food there, making a nice dinner?"
Woman: "Yes." (looks away)
Guy: "Oh, would you like.... a..... part ner for...dinner?? (very nervous)
Woman: "Um, no thank you." (looks away again)
Guy: "Uhhhh.... how about this, um.... Can I take you to dinner some time? I don't mind um, paying and stuff."
Woman: "NO."
Guy: "Wow, I'm uhh batting 1,000 here... How about YOU??" (turns & looks at me)
Me: "Um, you can slide your card to pay any time now."
Guy: (embarrassed, turns red) pays & runs out
Woman (to me): Well, THAT was awkward, how many times was i going to say no?

LMFAO, i felt bad for the guy.... but he was too nervous and awkward. 
Most women like a man with SOME kind of confidence.
I know to me, if a guy stuttering & stammering and being really awkward, HUGE turn off!!!
Especially after I say "No" once, if your still persistant then I think you are really obnoxious.

Did i mention a woman i rang up today looked like the character Janice aka Tony Sopranos sister on The Sopranos? 
So weird!! & another customer brought it up!! 
If it was her, and i didnt get her autograph I'm going to be so mad!!

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