Monday, November 14, 2011


I've been hooked on the new AMC series show called, #TheWalkingDead since season one. 
Now that were midway through season 2 has been getting a little more interesting, & the guys are looking a little hotter for some reason lol! 
Gore, guts, guns, i mean what more can i ask for in a zombie show?! This show is blowing all old zombie movies out of the water between the special effects, zombie makeup... everything! Granted, their not really following the graphic novel story line but it's still an awesome show!

Oh yeah, the guys aren't bad looking either, that guy from Boondock Saints is in the show.... for a red neck kinda weird character he is very likable.
He almost got killed off on last nights episode because stupid Andrea doesn't like to take orders from the men.
I would have been so mad if he was killed off already, he's my favorite character next to Shane. Even if Shane is a douche bag and kind of an asshole in the second season, i still like his character.

Although his character "Shane" might be going psycho on the show, killed a character to save himself... He's still not terrible on the eyes. lol
I don't know if I would be mad if there was a zombie apocalypse if he was there to save the day haha.

There are other male and female characters on the show but I'll post about them later. I can't wait for next weeks episode already!!

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