Friday, December 30, 2011


My new FAVORITE moisturizer, Aveeno Positively Ageless with SPF 30 sunblock in it. I use this every day, and the lines on my forehead have slowly went away! Plus, my skin has never looked so nice and smooth and i don't have to worry about putting sunblock on on top of my moisturizer which is one thing less off my mind!

Weigh In on the scale at least a few times a week, usually before breakfast so that it sets my food mood for the rest of the day guilting me into trying to NOT be tempted to eat the crap my mom buys like "Philly Fluff cake", "Chocolate Covered Pretzels", and the many other assortments of cookies and such in the house.

Sometimes i wonder if when i move out, if weight-loss will be easier because i wouldn't have the temptation of eating all the junk my mom buys because sometimes i cant just say no to it.
It gets really hard sometimes, I'm a fat kid at heart and my weakness is chocolate.

It's like the chocolate hypnotizes my mind, and tells me subliminal messages,
"Eat me!! I taste and smell delicious, you know you want some. Just have a LITTLE piece" 
& As all dieters know, you CAN'T just have one LITTLE piece of something you love.
Unless you have the best self control ever.
I use an online application to "plan out the day" of meals to help with my weight loss goals.
I try to get the food groups out of the way and to make sure i have a minimum allowed amount for my age height and weight for calcium, protein, vitamin c, vitamin a & iron because i think they are most essential for over all health.

I don't follow the actual Atkins diet, i just use their food pyramid as a starting point. Years ago, my dad lost 70 pounds in a year on the Atkins diet, but i found it slightly un-healthy. I just use it as a basis, and i use a free online application called, it's like a food diary.

I try to have lower levels of groups like; sodium, fat and carbohydrate intakes to hopefully aid in the fight to lose some weight.
Salt makes me bloated & too much is bad for your heart health. I also believe that high amounts of sodium in a diet, are the leading cause of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure among many other diseases that are plaguing people in the United States.
Carbs are in everything i just try not to go over board with them like some people eat huge heros 3 times a day, that cant be healthy especially if you dont exercise. If not burned off and used as fuel for the body, carbohydrates only turn into sugar which turns into fat.
I try to eat lean meats for protein like lean beef lean pork chicken turkey fish and i have red meat sometimes just try to have lean cuts with less fat on them.
But i do eat healthy fats like almond butter, avocado, olive oil and stuff just not EVERY day.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New year

I hope 2012 will end up being a better year then 2011 and well every year before that.
I try to remain optimistic.....

Saturday, December 24, 2011


I had some really nasty customers yesterday, im sure today will be worse. thankfully tomorrow im off, first sunday ive been off in a while.

They mooved me from a regular land to an express yesterday, because she had to go home and they needed express lanes open i guess. It started to get busy i started to get a line and all of a sudden, security came over to my register and started saying to this OLD bitchy lady;

Security: "Ma'am, I saw you take cream cheese out of your bag and switch it on the shelf. If you want to do returns or exchanges, you have to go to customer service. Just to let you know, it's technically shoplifting so if you do it again its shoplifting. & you put a out dated on on the shelf, i need it back you can take your old one back"
Old Lady: "Are you talking to ME?"
Security: "I'm looking RIGHT at you, YES i am talking to you. Oh, and charge her for a roll because she ate a roll and she wasn't going to tell you."
Old Lady: "How dare you! You don't know what your talking about, that's NOT shoplifting... i paid for it!! & you didn't give me a chance to tell her I ate a roll!!"
Security: "Ma'am, it is technically shoplifting because you took it upon yourself to exchange products on our shelf without our knowledge and you did it with outdated product. you could have made someone sick. Customer service is here, to return and exchange products you can't do it yourself or everyone would. I'm just warning you, if you do it again it's shoplifting."

I would have DIED of embarrassment if i were her.!! But she's obviously done this stuff before because they wouldn't just flip out over cream cheese and a roll, it's only like 2$ for both. Fucking old people.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

City Adventures

I went to the city Saturday with my boyfriend & we met up with my co-worker and her friends to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.

My boyfriend and I went early to have lunch and a few drinks. A pitcher of beer, 2 appetizers, hamburgers and fries, half a cupcake shaped like a hamburger later.... plus my boyfriend had a "Campfire" milkshake that had torched marshmallows on top, and added makers mark to it. Luckily I'm lactose intolerant so i only tasted a very small sip of it. 90$ later for LUNCH.... damn Manhattan is pricey!!

We walked from Penn Station to the resturant. Needless to say, by the end of lunch I wanted to walk more to walk off my caloric lunch! Well, we had skipped breakfast so I was starving...

My co-worker and her friends were awesome!! We got a little lost trying to find them in a sea of so many people awing at the tree, and it was freezing out. People were using their kids as weapons to get closer to the tree it was very claustrophobic with all of the people standing so close together. A little kid punched my boyfriend in the back and laughed as he went by. I gave my boyfriend permission to trip the kid if he came back and did it again hahaha. But, we saw the tree. I mean it was cool i don't think id go through the hassle again unless i had kids and they wanted to see it.
We eventually all met up at Rockefeller and made our way and walked to Times Square. & From Times Square, we went into several restaurants because they wanted to eat dinner but obviously didn't want to wait for 2+ hours for a table at like Hard Rock Cafe and places like that.

We eventually ended up at Red Lobster, my boyfriend and i were still pretty full from lunch so we just shared a main dish and we ordered a bunch of alcoholic drinks.... 90$ later.... -_-. Manhattan is EXPENSIVE!!
It was worth it though, we had a really good time getting to know each other bullshitting and stuff. I had an awesome time, it's like we all knew each other for a long time.

Our waiter at Red Lobster was talking to my boyfriend about the band Korn, it was so random he didn't seem like he would be into that band but he was a cool waiter. I didn't like though how Red Lobster added an 18% gratuity onto the bill so i didn't think it was necessary to leave cash since he already had a built in 12$ tip.

Not only that, but any chain in Manhattan seems to double the price of the same chain out here. A cesar salad in Manhattan was $18.99 and if you wanted to add chicken or shrimp it was another $10.99 i don't think anything on the menu was under $10.

In Penn Station towards the end of the night my boyfriend and I were knocking back beers & this weird homeless looking guy who was drooling asked us for a quarter. I don't know what he wanted with a quarter, but i just wanted to get away from him because he smelled bad and was drooling all over the place.

All in all, it was an awesome night and my co-worker agreed her and her friends had a blast and we all want to do it again so I'm excited :] my boyfriend has a hard time getting a long with people, and he was like this was awesome i had so much fun they were really cool I'd definitely hang out with them again. so yay, I'm happy :D

The Nightmare Before Christmas

So glad i finished my holiday shopping early, i mean the malls and the stores STILL look packed!! I can't i get claustrophobic with all those people standing so close looking at the same thing you are, I'm not going to fight someone over a product. I'd rather just give gift cards at that point.
I find it very hard to get into the holidays this year since i work a lot, and barely even make 200$ a week. Between taxed and everything, even if i made 300$ a week, How are people supposed to live on that?! How am i supposed to make ends meet on that shit salary?? The cost of living today is much more expensive then it ever has been.
I can't believe that Hanukkah started yesterday, the year has gone by SO fast!!
Did I mention that I'm Jewish and my boyfriend is Protestant? It's not a bad thing, we learn about each others religions a little bit at a time, were both not VERY into religion to be honest... maybe it will change when we get married and have kids?
We both don't practice religion so we just celebrate both holidays. Christmas eve is Saturday night followed by Christmas day Sunday and before we know it, it's going to be a New Year!! It's crazy and scary how fast time can just pass you by...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why did you take my picture?

So, all the guys in my cooking class are creeps. The old man that doesn't stop talking, took my picture last class. He was like "im going to take everyones picture" and he didnt.... im offically creeped out.
I told my teacher about it and she was like um stay on my side of the table next class and don't talk to him do you think hes going to stalk you?! i hope not...

Plus, he doesn't bring most of the ingredients so he takes mine without asking and my teacher noticed and was like "if you dont have the ingredients next class, your not cooking. no more sharing"
Which is awesome because this guy was really starting to piss me off then he yelled at me and was like "way to rat me out" im like the teacher has eyes and you keep taking all my shit without asking i shouldn't have to pay for your supplies when their supposed to be mine. I was getting so mad i was getting warm physically.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel like the closer to the holidays we get, the crazier and meaner the customers are becoming.

A lady accused me of ruining her salmon today.... all i did was try to ring it up. what a cunty asshole, i wanted to punch her in the face.
"OMG YOUR MESSING UP MY SALMON!! UGHHH!!!" ok psycho. Plus she wanted EVERYTHING double bagged, including one loaf of bread. your obnoxious lady. she was able to lift 2 liter sodas, but not a bag of produce and flipped out that i made it so heavy... ok psycho bitch.

I literally wanted to go over the counter and choke her. stupid bitch. i swear there was a full moon of crazies out today.
I had more crazy people but i dont really feel like typing it all out right now, so drained.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New neighboors sucks

Crappy week! My new neighbor's daughter hit my car last tuesday and drove away and didn't say anything. luckily another neighbor saw it happened and called my house!!
My dad and I went over to the house that night to tell the mom and she looked annoyed and scared.
the daughter ended up leaving a note in the mail box the next day saying she didnt know she hit my car and to not think she was a horrible young adult.
WTF?! how do you NOT know you hit a car?!
Anyway, we said we'd get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix. I think im going to need a whole new front bumper because its all one piece.
So ive been busy with work all week i havent had a chance to get it looked at. so the mom gives me an attitude this morning and was like "when are you going to let me know because i dont need this hanging over my head for the holidays."
im like well ive been working every day im sorry i'll have to ask my dad and see whats going on. i wanted to punch the bitch in the face. who the fuck is she?! anything that can happen to me, will.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uncle Fester

Ever get the feeling someone you were sleeping with might be gay? I did!
At one time in my life, i did a shitty thing and started sleeping with my friends ex boyfriend.
I did the right thing though and i told her/asked her if she minded if him & i hung out, I didn't hide it.
She didn't care because they had been broken up for over a year.
She later got upset because she thought he cheated on her with me when they were together which wasn't the case at all.
To be honest, i was just bored and he was there to hang out with & go to punk shows with because it's boring to go alone.
He had weird habits;
1. He was probably about 6'' or taller, kind of a big pudgy guy & he wore pants that were so tight, you could see his balls. NOT a hott look!
2. He would look in mirrors, pop the collar of his shirt and say "I would fuck me" and make this weird kissy face at himself in the mirror. Um, WTF?!
3. He came to my house one day, with a girls earring in his ear. Like a dangly sparkly earring from Claire's (junk jewelry store for like pre-teen girls) I said it reminded me of George Michael (gay 80's/90's pop star) & he got so mad, he didn't talk to me for 3 hrs. oh boyyyy
4. He started bleaching his hair blond, and tried telling me he was a white supremest. (i called him a retard because his family was Spanish from Spain, still NOT 100% white)
5. He befriended my EX-BOYFRIEND SPIKEY. WTF?! WHY!!! He's my ex!! HOW AWKWARD?! Plus, after he became friends with my ex, my ex wouldn't stop talking/asking about me, which pissed him off and made him mad at me. REALLY?! You're an idiot.
6. A grown adult MALE stopped wanted to see me because, and i quote, "I feel like your just using me for sex, and i'm more then just sex i have feelings too. We have fun together but you just want it too often"
Um, i've NEVER in my life ever heard of a guy telling a girl "you want sex too much" usually the guy wants it too much and the girls like omg enough lol. wtf?!
7. Checked out GUYS and girls infront of me, i didnt care i wouldnt even say anything. It's human to look. & he FLIPPED out on me one day and accused me of checking a guy out and was like "WHY DONT YOU GET HIS NUMBER AND FUCK HIM TOO WTF IM STANDING RIGHT HERE"
I wasn't even looking at a guy.... He just wanted to start a fight, it was really bizarre.
8. Became OBSESSED with my ex to the point where my ex would text me and be like "he randomly showed up at my house, i was in the shower and he waited for me in my room. it was awkward i was in only a towel and he was sitting on my bed. I feel like he was checking me out.

I slept with my ex, to get back at him when he broke things off with me. Then he bugged out saying i made him look stupid because i moved on so fast after we "broke up" but we were never actually together, and he would tell people we weren't and then would get mad if someone hit on me. SO DUMB.
If you don't want to be with me, and we were never together then how can i make you look dumb by moving on so fast?!

 A year after we stopped talking, he randomly told me he bought Nazi paraphernalia. I said, that's nice until someone beats the shit out of you for wearing it. He called me a bitch and told me to have a nice life.
DONE. Or so i thought....

He ended up working at a clothing store in a mall i frequently shopped at which i didn't know until, SURPRISE i get a grab on the ass 2 years after we stop talking while I'm buying my boyfriend band t shirts for his birthday. HOW ANNOYING!! I was like, don't touch me. i have a boyfriend. he was like wow your looking hotter then ever i really miss fucking you. we should hang out sometime. i go, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND BACK OFF. & besides, didn't we "break up" because all i wanted was sex?!
He proceeded to harass me for MONTHS on myspace being like "I'm living with my girlfriend, but she's boring as hell. i love her, but you were so much more fun and adventurous. EW.
I felt so bad for that girl, he was obviously repeatedly cheating on her.

Did i mention that he is now currently dating someone who is his little sisters age? She cant be older then like 19 years old and he's 25. I always knew there was something off about him.
Weather it was a much younger girl, or a guy he was always a pretty big creep.

Did i mention that he shaved his head and slightly resembled Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, or as my manager from my old job pointed out... he also resembled Private Pile from the movie Full Metal Jacket.

I don't know what i was thinking.

Friday, December 2, 2011


In highschool i dated a guy, we will call him Spikey.
The reason for that nickname?
He sported a hairstyle very similar to this:

 No, my parents weren't happy when i brought someone home who looked like sonic the hedgehog.
Anyway, i was young dumb and i thought i was in love with.... well... a psycho.
For one, he didn't have a dad. His biological father left him and his mom when he was 2 because he was a severe drug addict.
For two, his moms new husband was an alcoholic demeaning asshole who he didn't get along with. But she had 2 daughters with him and didn't want to leave him despite the fact that he hated her son.
For three, there was way too many people living in his grandmas house: Grandma, Grandpa, GREATgrandma, Aunt, Uncle, their 2 little monster kids. At least they were normal...

Emaressing moments encountered when dating him:
1.His grandma walking in on us having sex once, because she didn't knock (in her own house) and wanted to offer us milk and cookies. SO AWKWARD!! I was embarrassed FOREVER.
2. His little monster cousins walking in on us too, but they were so little he just told them we were wrestling.... I told him their going to be scared for life when they get sex education in school.
3. We broke the wooden futon bed, and his aunt said something in front of EVERYONE that we need to be careful "wrestling" on the new futon they buy. (i almost died)
4. He almost flashed me in front of his grandpa, i think he saw in the reflection of the tv but im going to say he didnt because then almost everyone in that family has seen me naked. I almost punched him in the balls for that one, but i missed :\

Annoying things he did:
1. Got drunk and cried about how his real dad left him.
2. Didn't graduate HS until i graduated and he was supposed to graduate 2 years ahead of me.
3. Would get drunk, break stuff and have fits of rage.
4. Cheated on me which he never admitted to, but i knew it happened
5. Got so pissed one night made me and our friend walk from the mall, back to his house which seemed liked forever and we passed through like 4 towns.
6. Got so mad at his step dad that he tore apart his grandmas basement and had me chasing him walking a town over from where we were
7. BROKE UP WITH ME ON AOL INSTANT MESSENGER. How much of a bitch could you be?!

I thought i saw his grandma the other day at work, but i didn't say anything and its been so long i don't think she would remember me.
But it made me slightly curious to see if hes dead in a gutter yet, so i looked him up on Facebook.
 It seems like he is a drug addict now.... like biological father like son?
So glad i don't have contact with him or anything, In the last 6 years.
I'm sure he's still emotionally disturbed.