Wednesday, December 21, 2011

City Adventures

I went to the city Saturday with my boyfriend & we met up with my co-worker and her friends to see the tree at Rockefeller Center.

My boyfriend and I went early to have lunch and a few drinks. A pitcher of beer, 2 appetizers, hamburgers and fries, half a cupcake shaped like a hamburger later.... plus my boyfriend had a "Campfire" milkshake that had torched marshmallows on top, and added makers mark to it. Luckily I'm lactose intolerant so i only tasted a very small sip of it. 90$ later for LUNCH.... damn Manhattan is pricey!!

We walked from Penn Station to the resturant. Needless to say, by the end of lunch I wanted to walk more to walk off my caloric lunch! Well, we had skipped breakfast so I was starving...

My co-worker and her friends were awesome!! We got a little lost trying to find them in a sea of so many people awing at the tree, and it was freezing out. People were using their kids as weapons to get closer to the tree it was very claustrophobic with all of the people standing so close together. A little kid punched my boyfriend in the back and laughed as he went by. I gave my boyfriend permission to trip the kid if he came back and did it again hahaha. But, we saw the tree. I mean it was cool i don't think id go through the hassle again unless i had kids and they wanted to see it.
We eventually all met up at Rockefeller and made our way and walked to Times Square. & From Times Square, we went into several restaurants because they wanted to eat dinner but obviously didn't want to wait for 2+ hours for a table at like Hard Rock Cafe and places like that.

We eventually ended up at Red Lobster, my boyfriend and i were still pretty full from lunch so we just shared a main dish and we ordered a bunch of alcoholic drinks.... 90$ later.... -_-. Manhattan is EXPENSIVE!!
It was worth it though, we had a really good time getting to know each other bullshitting and stuff. I had an awesome time, it's like we all knew each other for a long time.

Our waiter at Red Lobster was talking to my boyfriend about the band Korn, it was so random he didn't seem like he would be into that band but he was a cool waiter. I didn't like though how Red Lobster added an 18% gratuity onto the bill so i didn't think it was necessary to leave cash since he already had a built in 12$ tip.

Not only that, but any chain in Manhattan seems to double the price of the same chain out here. A cesar salad in Manhattan was $18.99 and if you wanted to add chicken or shrimp it was another $10.99 i don't think anything on the menu was under $10.

In Penn Station towards the end of the night my boyfriend and I were knocking back beers & this weird homeless looking guy who was drooling asked us for a quarter. I don't know what he wanted with a quarter, but i just wanted to get away from him because he smelled bad and was drooling all over the place.

All in all, it was an awesome night and my co-worker agreed her and her friends had a blast and we all want to do it again so I'm excited :] my boyfriend has a hard time getting a long with people, and he was like this was awesome i had so much fun they were really cool I'd definitely hang out with them again. so yay, I'm happy :D

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