Monday, December 12, 2011

New neighboors sucks

Crappy week! My new neighbor's daughter hit my car last tuesday and drove away and didn't say anything. luckily another neighbor saw it happened and called my house!!
My dad and I went over to the house that night to tell the mom and she looked annoyed and scared.
the daughter ended up leaving a note in the mail box the next day saying she didnt know she hit my car and to not think she was a horrible young adult.
WTF?! how do you NOT know you hit a car?!
Anyway, we said we'd get an estimate on how much it will cost to fix. I think im going to need a whole new front bumper because its all one piece.
So ive been busy with work all week i havent had a chance to get it looked at. so the mom gives me an attitude this morning and was like "when are you going to let me know because i dont need this hanging over my head for the holidays."
im like well ive been working every day im sorry i'll have to ask my dad and see whats going on. i wanted to punch the bitch in the face. who the fuck is she?! anything that can happen to me, will.

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