Friday, December 30, 2011


My new FAVORITE moisturizer, Aveeno Positively Ageless with SPF 30 sunblock in it. I use this every day, and the lines on my forehead have slowly went away! Plus, my skin has never looked so nice and smooth and i don't have to worry about putting sunblock on on top of my moisturizer which is one thing less off my mind!

Weigh In on the scale at least a few times a week, usually before breakfast so that it sets my food mood for the rest of the day guilting me into trying to NOT be tempted to eat the crap my mom buys like "Philly Fluff cake", "Chocolate Covered Pretzels", and the many other assortments of cookies and such in the house.

Sometimes i wonder if when i move out, if weight-loss will be easier because i wouldn't have the temptation of eating all the junk my mom buys because sometimes i cant just say no to it.
It gets really hard sometimes, I'm a fat kid at heart and my weakness is chocolate.

It's like the chocolate hypnotizes my mind, and tells me subliminal messages,
"Eat me!! I taste and smell delicious, you know you want some. Just have a LITTLE piece" 
& As all dieters know, you CAN'T just have one LITTLE piece of something you love.
Unless you have the best self control ever.
I use an online application to "plan out the day" of meals to help with my weight loss goals.
I try to get the food groups out of the way and to make sure i have a minimum allowed amount for my age height and weight for calcium, protein, vitamin c, vitamin a & iron because i think they are most essential for over all health.

I don't follow the actual Atkins diet, i just use their food pyramid as a starting point. Years ago, my dad lost 70 pounds in a year on the Atkins diet, but i found it slightly un-healthy. I just use it as a basis, and i use a free online application called, it's like a food diary.

I try to have lower levels of groups like; sodium, fat and carbohydrate intakes to hopefully aid in the fight to lose some weight.
Salt makes me bloated & too much is bad for your heart health. I also believe that high amounts of sodium in a diet, are the leading cause of Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure among many other diseases that are plaguing people in the United States.
Carbs are in everything i just try not to go over board with them like some people eat huge heros 3 times a day, that cant be healthy especially if you dont exercise. If not burned off and used as fuel for the body, carbohydrates only turn into sugar which turns into fat.
I try to eat lean meats for protein like lean beef lean pork chicken turkey fish and i have red meat sometimes just try to have lean cuts with less fat on them.
But i do eat healthy fats like almond butter, avocado, olive oil and stuff just not EVERY day.

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