Saturday, December 24, 2011


I had some really nasty customers yesterday, im sure today will be worse. thankfully tomorrow im off, first sunday ive been off in a while.

They mooved me from a regular land to an express yesterday, because she had to go home and they needed express lanes open i guess. It started to get busy i started to get a line and all of a sudden, security came over to my register and started saying to this OLD bitchy lady;

Security: "Ma'am, I saw you take cream cheese out of your bag and switch it on the shelf. If you want to do returns or exchanges, you have to go to customer service. Just to let you know, it's technically shoplifting so if you do it again its shoplifting. & you put a out dated on on the shelf, i need it back you can take your old one back"
Old Lady: "Are you talking to ME?"
Security: "I'm looking RIGHT at you, YES i am talking to you. Oh, and charge her for a roll because she ate a roll and she wasn't going to tell you."
Old Lady: "How dare you! You don't know what your talking about, that's NOT shoplifting... i paid for it!! & you didn't give me a chance to tell her I ate a roll!!"
Security: "Ma'am, it is technically shoplifting because you took it upon yourself to exchange products on our shelf without our knowledge and you did it with outdated product. you could have made someone sick. Customer service is here, to return and exchange products you can't do it yourself or everyone would. I'm just warning you, if you do it again it's shoplifting."

I would have DIED of embarrassment if i were her.!! But she's obviously done this stuff before because they wouldn't just flip out over cream cheese and a roll, it's only like 2$ for both. Fucking old people.

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