Friday, December 2, 2011


In highschool i dated a guy, we will call him Spikey.
The reason for that nickname?
He sported a hairstyle very similar to this:

 No, my parents weren't happy when i brought someone home who looked like sonic the hedgehog.
Anyway, i was young dumb and i thought i was in love with.... well... a psycho.
For one, he didn't have a dad. His biological father left him and his mom when he was 2 because he was a severe drug addict.
For two, his moms new husband was an alcoholic demeaning asshole who he didn't get along with. But she had 2 daughters with him and didn't want to leave him despite the fact that he hated her son.
For three, there was way too many people living in his grandmas house: Grandma, Grandpa, GREATgrandma, Aunt, Uncle, their 2 little monster kids. At least they were normal...

Emaressing moments encountered when dating him:
1.His grandma walking in on us having sex once, because she didn't knock (in her own house) and wanted to offer us milk and cookies. SO AWKWARD!! I was embarrassed FOREVER.
2. His little monster cousins walking in on us too, but they were so little he just told them we were wrestling.... I told him their going to be scared for life when they get sex education in school.
3. We broke the wooden futon bed, and his aunt said something in front of EVERYONE that we need to be careful "wrestling" on the new futon they buy. (i almost died)
4. He almost flashed me in front of his grandpa, i think he saw in the reflection of the tv but im going to say he didnt because then almost everyone in that family has seen me naked. I almost punched him in the balls for that one, but i missed :\

Annoying things he did:
1. Got drunk and cried about how his real dad left him.
2. Didn't graduate HS until i graduated and he was supposed to graduate 2 years ahead of me.
3. Would get drunk, break stuff and have fits of rage.
4. Cheated on me which he never admitted to, but i knew it happened
5. Got so pissed one night made me and our friend walk from the mall, back to his house which seemed liked forever and we passed through like 4 towns.
6. Got so mad at his step dad that he tore apart his grandmas basement and had me chasing him walking a town over from where we were
7. BROKE UP WITH ME ON AOL INSTANT MESSENGER. How much of a bitch could you be?!

I thought i saw his grandma the other day at work, but i didn't say anything and its been so long i don't think she would remember me.
But it made me slightly curious to see if hes dead in a gutter yet, so i looked him up on Facebook.
 It seems like he is a drug addict now.... like biological father like son?
So glad i don't have contact with him or anything, In the last 6 years.
I'm sure he's still emotionally disturbed.

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