Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Uncle Fester

Ever get the feeling someone you were sleeping with might be gay? I did!
At one time in my life, i did a shitty thing and started sleeping with my friends ex boyfriend.
I did the right thing though and i told her/asked her if she minded if him & i hung out, I didn't hide it.
She didn't care because they had been broken up for over a year.
She later got upset because she thought he cheated on her with me when they were together which wasn't the case at all.
To be honest, i was just bored and he was there to hang out with & go to punk shows with because it's boring to go alone.
He had weird habits;
1. He was probably about 6'' or taller, kind of a big pudgy guy & he wore pants that were so tight, you could see his balls. NOT a hott look!
2. He would look in mirrors, pop the collar of his shirt and say "I would fuck me" and make this weird kissy face at himself in the mirror. Um, WTF?!
3. He came to my house one day, with a girls earring in his ear. Like a dangly sparkly earring from Claire's (junk jewelry store for like pre-teen girls) I said it reminded me of George Michael (gay 80's/90's pop star) & he got so mad, he didn't talk to me for 3 hrs. oh boyyyy
4. He started bleaching his hair blond, and tried telling me he was a white supremest. (i called him a retard because his family was Spanish from Spain, still NOT 100% white)
5. He befriended my EX-BOYFRIEND SPIKEY. WTF?! WHY!!! He's my ex!! HOW AWKWARD?! Plus, after he became friends with my ex, my ex wouldn't stop talking/asking about me, which pissed him off and made him mad at me. REALLY?! You're an idiot.
6. A grown adult MALE stopped wanted to see me because, and i quote, "I feel like your just using me for sex, and i'm more then just sex i have feelings too. We have fun together but you just want it too often"
Um, i've NEVER in my life ever heard of a guy telling a girl "you want sex too much" usually the guy wants it too much and the girls like omg enough lol. wtf?!
7. Checked out GUYS and girls infront of me, i didnt care i wouldnt even say anything. It's human to look. & he FLIPPED out on me one day and accused me of checking a guy out and was like "WHY DONT YOU GET HIS NUMBER AND FUCK HIM TOO WTF IM STANDING RIGHT HERE"
I wasn't even looking at a guy.... He just wanted to start a fight, it was really bizarre.
8. Became OBSESSED with my ex to the point where my ex would text me and be like "he randomly showed up at my house, i was in the shower and he waited for me in my room. it was awkward i was in only a towel and he was sitting on my bed. I feel like he was checking me out.

I slept with my ex, to get back at him when he broke things off with me. Then he bugged out saying i made him look stupid because i moved on so fast after we "broke up" but we were never actually together, and he would tell people we weren't and then would get mad if someone hit on me. SO DUMB.
If you don't want to be with me, and we were never together then how can i make you look dumb by moving on so fast?!

 A year after we stopped talking, he randomly told me he bought Nazi paraphernalia. I said, that's nice until someone beats the shit out of you for wearing it. He called me a bitch and told me to have a nice life.
DONE. Or so i thought....

He ended up working at a clothing store in a mall i frequently shopped at which i didn't know until, SURPRISE i get a grab on the ass 2 years after we stop talking while I'm buying my boyfriend band t shirts for his birthday. HOW ANNOYING!! I was like, don't touch me. i have a boyfriend. he was like wow your looking hotter then ever i really miss fucking you. we should hang out sometime. i go, I HAVE A BOYFRIEND BACK OFF. & besides, didn't we "break up" because all i wanted was sex?!
He proceeded to harass me for MONTHS on myspace being like "I'm living with my girlfriend, but she's boring as hell. i love her, but you were so much more fun and adventurous. EW.
I felt so bad for that girl, he was obviously repeatedly cheating on her.

Did i mention that he is now currently dating someone who is his little sisters age? She cant be older then like 19 years old and he's 25. I always knew there was something off about him.
Weather it was a much younger girl, or a guy he was always a pretty big creep.

Did i mention that he shaved his head and slightly resembled Uncle Fester from the Adams Family, or as my manager from my old job pointed out... he also resembled Private Pile from the movie Full Metal Jacket.

I don't know what i was thinking.

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