Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I feel like the closer to the holidays we get, the crazier and meaner the customers are becoming.

A lady accused me of ruining her salmon today.... all i did was try to ring it up. what a cunty asshole, i wanted to punch her in the face.
"OMG YOUR MESSING UP MY SALMON!! UGHHH!!!" ok psycho. Plus she wanted EVERYTHING double bagged, including one loaf of bread. your obnoxious lady. she was able to lift 2 liter sodas, but not a bag of produce and flipped out that i made it so heavy... ok psycho bitch.

I literally wanted to go over the counter and choke her. stupid bitch. i swear there was a full moon of crazies out today.
I had more crazy people but i dont really feel like typing it all out right now, so drained.

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