Tuesday, August 14, 2012


A girl i went to school with, her brother died in a car accident at a very young age. She misses her brother every day and posts about him a lot on facebook. Mainly about how she wishes he was here to talk to and get advice from him, wishing she could just see him one more time, missing out on partying with him and stuff like that.
I just found out today, that this same girl... her mom lost her battle with cancer and passed away. I knew her mom had cancer, because i rang them up a while ago and she was bald with a scarf on her head. but i was under the impression she was in re-mission? Not that it's any of my business i didnt ask questions.
I feel so bad for this poor girl, to have lost her brother so young, and now to have lost her mom? makes me appreciate my family a little bit more. they might get on my nerves sometimes, but i dont know what i would do if anything happened to them. i think i would fall apart.
i know the cycle of life, is to bury your parents... but to bury your brother and like a decade later, bury your mom.... and to be so young to experience so much loss?? i dont know what i would do if i were her.
i never hear her talk about her dad either, so i don't even know if he is in the picture or not. So sad.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Magic Mike

Though there was a lot of sexy dancing in the movie, and lots of mens asses..
I have to say i think it was a little disappointing!!
Sexy dancing that had girls screaming:

I think 99% of the women who went, went to see it because of Channing Tatum. Everytime he appeared on the screen all the girls in the move theater started to scream!!!! Maybe because of things like the way he humps the dance floor!! LOL: well i cant find a video that works other then this, so it's a sneak peak to those who haven't seen the movie:

We only got to see ONE full frontal SCENE in the ENTIRE movie and the guy was using a penis pump before going on stage and the angle of it you dont know if its a real or fake penis LOL. & they leave it a mystery in interviews if it was really "Big Dick" whatever his characters name was or if it was a prop.  I think there were more naked girls, then guys!! Well, & this scene too which looks kinda fake lol:

 This happened in the first min of the movie, and i thought i was going to go deaf with all the screaming and panting of the girls in the audience lmao. It's just his ass though, not that he isn't good looking but it's still just a guys ass lol men are usually ass or boob men women usually dont care about mens asses.

Don't get me wrong they shows Channing Tatums ass a few times and girls were screaming, including my sister sitting next to me lol but i guess with all those good looking guys, i was hoping for a little more skin. Call me crazy but strippers usually take everything off, don't they??

Not like i was entirely bored during the movie, look at all that eye candy ^^!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I saved $29.30 today in sales and coupons on cleaning supplies :D
It's crazy how expensive everything is these days its sort of not fair, if i didn't have coupons i wouldn't have saved an extra like $6.
Not to mention that cleaning supplies are rarely ever on sale which makes it harder for people to afford things.
I am also going to see about sending in a rebate offer for one of the products i bought today which will also save me some money when i get the rebate back.

Cutest new up & comming clothing designer

Everything from monogrammed customized clothing, (perfect gift for any occasion) to some the cutest bathing suits I've seen in a really long time!!
The website: http://sailandsass.com/
The Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sailandsassmonograms

The models on the site have the best bodies to show off the suits too.
Ugh I wish i was as skinny as these girls, i need to start up on my diet again hahaha.
But seriously how cute are these suits?!

Plus they do sizing and if you want something customized whether it's something monogrammed or a bathing suit, you can email them and tell them what you would like. What more can you ask for?!

The website: http://sailandsass.com/
The Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Sailandsassmonograms

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation, All I ever wanted

I need a vacation!!! 
I want to go to any place remotely like these pictures.
I want to snorkel and look at the cute little tropical fish.
I want to stuff my face with delicious healthy possibly new interesting food from wherever i am.
I want nothing more then warm/hot weather, a slight breeze.
I want extremely cold good strong alcoholic drinks.
I just want some relaxation time. 
A week away from crazy, nasty people would be soooo nice.
I want bikini weather.
I want the freedom of not having to go to work for a week.
I want to bake in the sun for hours.
I want to swim in clear ocean water to cool off.
 I'm a beach girl at heart. 
I love summer.
I love getting a sunburn, peeling and tanning.
I love drinking in the heat & getting dizzy.
There is NOTHING like summertime/vacation.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cats vs. Dogs

Kittens are so cute, I can't handle it!!
These pictures make me want to get a kitten :]
Their so tiny and soft and cute when their this little....
Then they grow up to be huge crazy fat cats like my personal cat.
I'll show you how big he is;
This is my little man, well he's not so little anymore hahahha
He thinks he's a dog sometimes as you can tell by the position he's in- he does this all the time.
He lets you rub his belly, and when he's had enough, he bites you lmao
He's going to be 10 this summer!!

Not only am I severely allergic to dogs, their a disgusting mess in my eyes.
They pee and poop all over the house, they bark, they jump... i mean my list can go on.
Cats have a litter box that's gross but it's all in one place to clean their feces, they don't usually destroy a house by peeing and pooping everywhere like a dog.
Maybe it would be different if a dog was trained really well and didn't tear everything up and ruin a house, but it doesn't help the fact that i'm very allergic to them.

So, are you a cat or a dog person?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Robin Hood ;]

If Robin Hood looked like this, i might have liked the story/movies better. But I don't think a guy who prances around in tights singing is sexy. 
Call me crazy, but a skilled man with a bow and arrows that explode... i don't know why but he was my favorite part of the Avengers movie. 
Jax is obsessed with Rdow & he was good in the movie too, but there's something about Jeremy Renner i like. I liked him in the Hurt Locker too. 
I don't usually find much older guys good looking, i guess he's an exception. Well, i guess actors are exceptions??

I also still have a girl crush/obsession kinda with ellen page... but im not into girls, i guess i just admire their beauty??

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hitlers Birthday

Today is Hitler's birthday. 
Also the day the Columbine shootings happened a few years ago, sad.
Or as stoners across America & possibly other countries (I'm not entirely sure), like to celebrate today as a 'holiday' known as "420".
Arrests will probably be up today considering the police have know about this 'holiday' for years. 
Not to mention that the general stoner public is usually a little on the slow side & they will probably get caught smoking in public or in their car being careless and too high to realize how dumb the holiday is. 

Anyway, I'm working at night tonight. 
So, I might have some interesting stories of ringing up people high out of their minds.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


If i ever get married, i think i would have to have a vintage wedding. 
I am obsessed with anything vintage from like the 1950's, even if it's not originally from then i still love old looking things. 
I would want the dj to play big band swing type music, unless i hired a swing band to play old music all night.
I would want a vintage dress and would want my bridal party to have like lace in their dresses because it makes me think of the 40's and 50's. 
Guys in old school looking pin striped suits, slicked back hair, fedoras, all that fun stuff!!
I don't want a dress with THAT much lace, but i would rock that with the bottom half a solid fabric to break it up a bit. 
I love the idea of an outdoor wedding too, look how cute the sparklers are!!
I LOVE the keyhole part of the dress in the back, & the fact that it's lace.... dieing in love. I just think if i ever wore a dress that was completely lace, I would look ridiculous. 
But i would i guess get something custom top half lace with a keyhole back and the bottom a solid white. 
I think i would also go for a more vintage off white or almost cream color rather then a bright white. 
I'm so pale, i think that bright white would make me look even paler then i already am haha.

I don't really like their color scheme, I'm not really a big orange fan. I also think that is a very ugly shade of pink, but i think it is all just so cute and adorable the way it is set up and laid out.  
I would personally just have chosen a different color scheme.
Even the little bouquets on the tables are adorable. 
Little white twinkle lights to accent everything, i just love it. 
Simple, but elegant all at the same time.

 Aww, even their reception at night was beautifully light with white twinkle lights!! 
I love this, it's not even over done with some crazy expensive venue that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can never see myself doing that, i mean i'm sure this wasn't cheap but it's not like Bridezilla status with a venue that charges 30,000 for the day/night plus a cake that costs 10.000. 
That show annoys me and it makes me feel sorry for those people, it's not love it's about money with them. How flashy their wedding will be compared to other people, it's gross. A wedding should just be about showing your love and commitment not how much you spend to make other people look bad.
Just simple, cute beautiful placement to accent the venue the wedding was held.

This, i love. I wasn't sure at first because I'm not really a huge fan of brown. But somehow the more i looked at it, i thought "this color scheme really works and blends well together." 
Maybe because it seems to go nicely with the whole outdoor nature feel of everything. 
I would consider to do that as my color scheme if i ever got married.

ok goodnight.

Monday, April 16, 2012


There is a new show on A&E that I'm afraid to admit, I'm obsessed with. 
It is so ridiculous and almost seems staged with the weird or dumb things the older guys say, but the sons are spoiled rotten from money and yet their still rednecks at heart. 
The son turned their duck calls into a multi- million dollar corporation.... it's almost like the Beverly Hillbillies but a reality show instead of a sitcom.

My favorite characters are the two old guys (the father and the uncle) and the son on the left side between the two old men. The old guys babble about crazy old stuff, the uncle is a Vietnam Veteran. 
The son i like in one episode sent his dad and uncle to his little kids career day because he was playing his brother on the right in golf for money. So the first thing his uncle says to these little kids is, "Have you ever heard of NAM?!" 
Then, they skinned rabbits or ducks i forgot which in front of the class and all the little girls screamed.

On a side note: I challenged my boyfriend to grow a beard like them, he accepted the challenge. 
After a week, his beard which wasn't near that length at all was too itchy for him and he surrendered from the bet hahhaha!! I just wanted to see what he would look like with a beard like that.
I'm sure those beards are uncomfortable, smelly and itchy & you probably have to take good care of them or they probably get matted and gross like dog hair.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vampire In The Bedroom

A guilty pleasure of mine with my man, a little lip biting or nibbling on the neck while making out i think is really cute & sexy.
But just a little advice on that, if you leave a loved one with giant welts & or actually draw blood.... well, you're NOT a vampire so your probably doing something wrong. It is very easy to turn something cute and sexy into something painful and a huge turn off.
Obviously a hickey is a little bruising... but welts, well they are not hickeys. It is proof your partner needs a lesson on what their doing to you, because they are beating you up!!
Unless your into that sort of thing, i mean everyone has their own likes and dislikes. There are people out there who are into S&M which may or may not include beatings and drawing blood for pleasure, not my cup of tea though.
Such a shame when you see people places and you just know, "ouch that had to hurt more then it felt good" LOL!!
Having chapped lips is the worst too, only makes it hurt more with a little cute bite while making out. I'm in pain just thinking about it, i also have chapped lips so i need to get me some chapstick as soon as possible! I see my boyfriend tomorrow night!! hahha

What are some of your guilty pleasures in the bedroom that may either be really sex or a turn off with the wrong or in-experienced person??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dial M for Murder

I feel like, people look at my blog but never comment. Maybe if i start writing about outlandish things, i might get a following. I guess the first experiment will be; a random short story about a disgruntled retail employee turned murderer/bank robber??- fictional.

It was the last straw, Victoria had her last nasty customer. The man argued, tried to steal, talked down to her among just not only smelling awful but trying to short change her drawer buy not giving her enough money. That was it, she just couldn't take it anymore.
Unfortunately for the nasty man customer.... who paid with a credit card, Victoria now new his first & last name. Now all Victoria needed to do, was Google the name and find an address for this rude person.

Prepared with rope, duct tape, among other torture devices she sets off to this mans house. On the way getting madder and more frustrated, not being able to make ends meet.
Passed a bank and, well... pulled a U-turn like you would think she was a professional driver. Calmly, walked over towards the door and pulled a mask over her face. Went into the bank and forced the tellers to give her all the money in their drawers. Not greedy, not to get to the safe... just whatever they had in the front. In and out, quickest bank job probably ever. There was no way you could identify her, too smart for that.

Adrenaline pumping, got to the nasty mans house... & well, it wasn't the right person. Unfortunately Google can Google a name but it doesn't mean it is the right person. Just her luck, well... until the next one pisses her off. Disgruntled cashier by day, possible murderer by night. Be nice to the people who work shit jobs, they have the capability of going 'postal'.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old people = rude/mean, or really sweet and deaf

Why can't old people find a happy medium? Seriously, they all smell awful, they have rotten teeth and yellow nails, it's like... your dieing & 2 of my senses can well, sense it.
I swear it's either their the nastiest rudest people, or their so sweet but so deaf it's very annoying.

So far, i feel that EVERY old person who is really mean and nasty to me.... Well, i just can't help but want to ask them if they know they have a foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.

Also, old people like to steal & when you confront them they get defensive and tell you that if they were going to rip off the store it would be for something worth more then $1.00.... meanwhile the product costs more then a dollar.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Spina Bifida

My friend just recently got the results back of her amniocentesis test on her baby girl, and found out her little girl not only has a cyst on her brain... but also she has been diagnosed with Spina Bifida. 
She is due in August so the pregnancy is too far along to have an abortion. She also was in a car accident 6 years ago & broke her pelvis so she cant even have natural child birth so im guessing an abortion too far a long would be another whole slue of problems. 
But, with me being so curious about medical things i had to look up what it was. Read the article below I copied from the site i linked below... It is so sad, she is basically going to have problems and be going to the doctor for the rest of her life.
Obviously she is going to love this little girl no matter what, but it's hard enough to raise healthy kids let alone kids who have disabilities. She asked me to be the godmother yesterday, i said yes.
"Spina bifida is a neural tube defect that occurs in one out of every 1,000 newborns in the United States. In Canada, one in every 750 babies is born with spina bifida. Spina bifida occurs within the first four weeks of pregnancy, before many women are aware that they are pregnant. For some unexplained reason, the embryo's neural tube (which develops into the brain, spinal cord, and vertebral column) fails to form properly, which results in varying degrees of permanent damage to the spinal column and the nervous system.
In the United States, approximately 1,500 infants are born with spina bifida each year. According to the Spina Bifida Association, "Spina bifida is the most frequently occurring permanently disabling birth defect...More children have spina bifida than have muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined."
One question frequently asked by parents of newborns who have spina bifida, or parents who have found out that their unborn child has spina bifida is, "How will this affect my child?" There is great diversity among the population of people who have spina bifida.
Generally, the level of paralysis is related to the level of the spinal defect. The spine is composed of bones called vertebrae. There are five areas of the spine. The highest part of the spina is the cervical (the neck) which is nearest to the skull and composed of seven bones or "vertebrae." Then, in descending order are the 12 thoracic vertebrae (which support the ribs), 5 lumbar vertebrae (the lower back) the fused vertebrae the sacrum and the coccyx (tail bone). "- http://www.waisman.wisc.edu/~rowley/sb-kids/wbwsb.html

Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Baby Boom

I swear i feel like almost all of my friends online are pregnant again or just had babies. I'm happy for them but at the same time I almost wish I was them, & also am re-leaved that I'm not.
I LOVE babies/kids, & i really want kids one day. Part of me makes me think that I almost wish I were having them now when my friends are.
But i also see how most of them are struggling money and emotionally wise with having a kid so young. Plus i see a pattern that the guy seems to eventually leave them & barely see's the kid let alone helps pay in every situation of my friends.
That kind of stuff makes me glad I'm trying to wait until I'm a little more established working & hopefully at least married to my boyfriend of over 5 years, for hopefully at least a year.

Not that I think anyone i know is wrong for having a kid younger, i just think that if they waited they may have been more ready for the responsibilities. Plus, when your with a man for a longer period of time they may not feel forced into anything & leave out of resentment towards the idea of not being able to party and be young & careless or selfish anymore.
Once a baby comes, it has to be all about that baby & not you anymore & i don't think a lot of guys grasp that concept until it's too late.
I honestly believe that no matter what, unless your rich... your never financially stable enough for a child. But in my head I would want to be more secure then having like nothing saved & have to struggle every day and every month trying to pay bills.

I also feel like it's girl season!!! I know 2 people having girls already, one of them being a SET of twin girls!!
 You CAN'T help but fall in love, even when their sleeping they look so innocent and adorable.

The first one of my friends to have a kid, is now my 4 year old god-daughter. She is the cutest little girl ever but even her dad is not part of their lives right now & hasn't been for the last 2-3 years of her life. But she has raised her on her own to be a very sweet loving little girl who is going to have a lot of questions when she gets older.
My friend was only 19 when she got pregnant with her, now if she wants to go out... she has to find a babysitter first. Not only that, but with all the court she has to take off from work to go to sue him for child support and then he sued for visitation rights, & then he stopped showing up for the visits... she has not seen a dime from child support.

I helped another friend of mine last night look at cribs for her first baby, she's having a girl too. She is just so overwhelmed with the choices of things to put on the registry. So i went to help her choose things, all the little clothes and the little socks and everything was just so cute i feel like if i were pregnant going in there, id want to buy EVERYthing!!
 I want a minimum of 2 kids. I would prefer a boy and a girl... but i'm open to having 3 kids because that seems to be a family thing where everyone but my half brother has 3 kids. My cousins are 2 girls and a boy, my family is 2 boys and a girl. I guess we will see what happens years from now when i have to think about that hahah

My ex-boyfriends girlfriend is having twin girls. Can't wait to see what they look like!! The little faces & the little hands and feet...  make you just fall for a baby.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm really not a religious person, but for some unknown reason this past year... I've been OBSESSED with things with the Evil eye & anything Hamsa related.
I'm not sure if its the "ward off evil" aspect that i'm interested in, because i feel that it is mental not anything to really do with jewelry.
I mean anything is possible, maybe all the years of lack of religion will make my interested in it, i didnt think that would happen until i had kids of my own to be honest.
OMG THEY MAKE HAMSA CLOTHING!!! IM IN LOVE!!! (Some of this stuff is RIDICULOUSLY expensive...)
A reasonable sale from $29.99 to $24.99! Link: http://funkyyoga.com/category/store/t-shirts/yoginis/

$110.00?! Wow... For rhinestones?? They will probably fall off in the wash!! It looks very cute, I'd be afraid to damage it! I've been to this store in the mall, but I feel they are very over priced for many of their things, especially with the economy now the way it is. Link: http://www.buttersupersoft.com/love-hamsa-hand-hoody/27650-195985

THIS is so awesome!!! & It's so unique!!! I wish it wasn't a mans hoodie, & i wish more it wasn't sold out and i could find out how much it was!! I hope they restock this, I'd TOTALLY splurge on this one!! Link: http://www.emoda.com/item.asp?prodid=121084&name=Retribution-Hamsa-Hoodie-in-Ivory

$88.00?! Seems like another over-priced article of clothing!! It's not even very cute to be honest, They should be giving it away instead of charging $88, it's still in stock for a reason. Its ugly. Link: http://lilacandlilies.com/Hamsa-Hand-V-Neck-Swing-Tee.html

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They clog the toilets!

Tonight we brought my mom to the Dermatologist, & low and behold i see 2 asshole customers i can't fucking stand sitting in the waiting room. (They stole magazines from the waiting room btw)
So naturally, i took a picture to show the people who read this. She is the lady i refer to as having elephantiasis, and her son is like retarded and also has elephantiasis.

List of things they have done to drive us insane at work:
1. She SHIT in a chair in the front of the store & they had to throw it out.
2. They bring 20-25$ with them, ask for it to be changed into singles... only to use all the money, so there is no need for the change.
3. They only bring 20-25$, and put 50$ worth of stuff in the cart, and only void off dollar items.
4. If anything they get is more then a dollar, they take it off.
5. When you void off more then 5$ worth of stuff, you need to get a managers "over ride" to i guess make sure everythings ok, so even the managers hate them
6. They clog up the toilets and break them
7. Last time i rang them up, after they finally left, there was a huge puddle on the floor & my manager was convinced they pissed on the floor
8. Even if they have more the 30 things, they will go to an express line and take a million years not take no for an answer and go to your register anyway
9. They smell like piss & shit, and they take a taxi service so they hang around for an hour even after they finish shopping
10. They are just overall obnoxious and they tried to make them uncomfortable last time they were shopping in the store giving them dirty looks being nasty, they stopped coming for a few weeks and then came back again ugh!!!

Of course my fucking luck would be to see these jackasses outside of work, i was really tempted to say something honestly but i didnt want to make a scene in a doctors office. I wonder if they pay their co-pays in singles and give the doctors office a hard time

You Can't Hide From Me

So, the creeper that asked a few weeks ago if we could be friends, is getting even weirder!!!
I hid from him this past Friday on the other side of the store.
He came right to my line and told me i cant hide from him because whenever he's in the store he looks for me.
I didn't say anything, rang him up.
He said "Do you think i'll be back?"
So i responded with "Apparently your here every week or so, so regardless if we have a decent sale or not im going to say yeah"
He took his recipet and left.
WTF?! im on the other side of the store you psycho, and it doesn't help when you say creepy things like "you cant hide from me, i look for you"
If he keeps saying weird shit like that, I'm going to tell Security in the store to watch out for him

Friday, March 9, 2012

The calm before the storm

Well, I have been applying to as many jobs as humanly possible in hope that my luck my turn around & if i get a new job i might not have to deal with the general public, in person.
At least if i get a customer service job in a call center, i will get paid more plus more hours and benefits and all those other perks. Plus I wont have to physically deal with customers in person or people on food stamps & other welfare aid.
This is supposed to be my year according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon is every 12 years so this year I'm 24 so it's a 12th year. I hope something good happens i could really use it.
I could really use a better paying job with more hours and perks so i might be able to move out of my parents house sometime this century...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The seasons can affect your sex drive??!!

"Quotes" are from an article online from Womens Health Magazine. Bold Italics are going to be my review/opinion on the advice they are giving.

"If shorter days and dipping temperatures have you feeling more snuggly than sexy lately, there's an explanation: "In the winter, many people's testosterone levels decrease, which can lower libido substantially," says Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author of Irritable Male Syndrome. Prevent your sex life from going into a deep freeze by following this advice."
That's interesting because most people i know in the winter aren't look for a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, but specifically a 'snuggle buddy'. They want someone to keep warm with and be all lovey nothing exciting and crazy like what people look for in the summertime. I mean i feel tired a lot more in the winter i had no idea weather affected testosterone levels though, this actually explains a lot of things I've wondered about over the course of my life.

"Embrace your body
Screw your post-dinner bloat—and no running to pee wrapped in a sheet after sex. Guys actually find you sexier in the wintertime, according to a study published in the journal Perception. In the summer, they see so much skin that they become more critical of women's bodies. But in the winter, women aren't showcasing their toned butts and abs, so men are more accepting of different body types and are more likely to overlook flaws. Don't feel comfortable lounging around naked? Throw on something that highlights your best assets, like a cute pair of boy shorts or a sexy tank top."
Well, i feel like people judge and criticize no matter what season but i guess i can see people being more sexually attracted to someones personality and face in the winter then their body because they are covered. But I'm almost positive that once the clothes come off, for most people... it's judgment time.  & I'm sorry but unless you have the BEST heating system in the world, who the hell walks around the house naked or in boy shorts and a tank top in the winter?! ITS COLD!!!

"Try a hot trick
"Warm sensations bring the blood to the skin's surface, increasing sensitivity," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., author of Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots. Blow hot air over the thin-skinned parts of his body, such as his neck, ears, inner thighs, and scrotum. Or keep a mug of warm tea on the bedside table, and before you go down on him, swish some around in your mouth. You can also rub heat-activated lube on each other's shoulders, back, butt, or genitals."
Why do i feel like someone who reads this, is going to burn their partner with tea that is TOO HOTT?! That sounds weird & slightly painful if you don't know what your doing. The blowing hot air thing is normal and I'm sure everyone's done that at one time, but seriously where do they come up with this hot tea trick stuff?!
"Be more intimate during sex
Rather than sex positions that require astounding feats of flexibility, try a few that encourage coziness. Lie on your side while he spoons you, or while you're stomach-down, have him lie flat on top of you and enter you from behind. And get your boobs in on the action: "Your breasts are made of glandular tissue, so they can generate heat when they're stimulated and pressed against warm skin," says certified sex educator Lou Paget, author of Hot Mamas. Use them as a tool during foreplay to give both of you some added thrills."
Well i feel that intimacy is atleast 75% of a relationship, if you can't be intimate then your probably just fuck buddies and your relationship won't last very long. Sex is a big part of everything in a relationship but if you cant be close & intimate then there's something off. You have to be able to be best friends, lovers, and  each others fantasies.

"Get busy on the clothes dryer
Yeah, the laundry room is for getting things clean, but you can also use it to get down and dirty. Hop onto the humming dryer while he stands between your legs, and let him give you oral attention. "You can hoist one leg over his shoulder to give him easier access," says Fulbright. The heat from the machine plus the vibrations will amp up the experience."
Again, ouch. These people are trying to put you in pain!! & what if you dont have a washer and dryer?! That would be awkward to walk into a laundrymat or your apt complex one and see people just having sex. I'd take my clothes somewhere else, clean. hahahahahaha

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All grown up now!!

Wasn't Zack Efron like a year or 2 ago like a teeny bopper from the High School Musical movies?! I mean he had that gay shaggy haircut like Justin Bieber, didn't seem to have any muscles & kind of came off like a feminine little bitch. Now it seems like overnight he grew up & looks like a man, with tattoos!! Now older women are going to be ALL over that, eat your heart out to that girl from HS Musical he was dating.

I'm sorry, but Macaulay Culkin looks like an old well dressed crack head now. What happened to the obnoxious cute sweet little boy from the Home Alone movies?! I mean i get that he hasn't had much of a career lately but, that is EXTREME letting yourself go!! Eat a cheeseburger Macaulay, your body can use the fat since your skin is hanging off your bones it needs something to fill it in.

Sean Murray: Then, as a kid in my favorite movie as a kid Hocus Pocus. I never knew until recently that it was him & i read it online. I then realized that's why i love him now, as a successful adult actor on the hit TV show NCIS. He plays a computer nerd/writer on NCIS but still a lovable character. I think i have a thing for nerds on TV hahahhaaha

Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Can't We Be Friends?? & The Agent.

Customer: (comes up behind me to my left) *clears throat* Hi, i came to visit you today.
(Now, I'm ringing up a customer with a big order)
Me: Um, hi.... shopping today??
Customer: No, i came here just to see you. I shopped yesterday & you weren't here... was it your day off??
Me: ....uhhh, yeah. Are you joking?? Are you here to shop today?
Customer: With the gas prices right now, i am not joking. *long pause* WELLLLLLLL... Are you going to talk to me, can we be friends??!!
Me: .... uhhh.... were friendly, i say hi to you and talk when i ring you up....
Customer: Well, i mean OUTSIDE of here, I'd like to see you.
Me: ......uhhh i have a boyfriend & dont know what to say to that.... just no.
Customer: Oh, your a tough one. i like a challenge.
Me: Um, ok i cant talk im ringing someone up.

He's like 40-50 years old, half black half white and an annoying pretentious asshole. & Now he's just becoming a fucking CREEPY customer. I hate how i attract all the nut jobs.

The Agent:
Finishing ringing up a short pudgy customer. Keep in mind that im wearing a brass knuckle necklace that is obviously fake and too small to put anyone but a child's hand in;
Customer: Did you know that brass knuckles are ILLEGAL in New York??
Me: Um, yeah... Everything cool is illegal here.
Customer: Can you fit your hand in that??
Me: No, it's jewelry & my hands aren't THAT small
Customer: Well, i guess you can tell what my profession is.
Me: (sarcastically) What are you a cop or something?
Customer: Close, I'm an AGENT.
Me: Agent? An agent of what??
Customer: (Gives mysterious look) *Walks away*

hahahahahahahhahaha WTF?!?!! Can only happen to me.

Monday, February 13, 2012

This is the song lalalala elmos song


Me: (sarcastically) Of course. How are you today?

Creepy fat guy: Wonderful, but i cant hit on you at work... can i??

Me: (ignores awkward comment) Do you have any coupons today?

Creepy fat guy: Ouch, shut down. Am i allowed to hit on you on the clock?

Me: Um, I don't know how to respond to that.... But I'm taken.

Creepy fat guy: Oh, well that's all you had to say. No need to be rude about it you know like i can handle rejection. So, Blockbuster's going out of business, so I've been stocking up on awesome movies.

Me: Your total comes to blah blah blah

Creepy fat guy: It's too bad your taken, all the good ones are always taken. (pays)

Me: (hand receipt) HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!!

Lady next on line: OMG, that was awkward what a creep!! That man needs a diet a shave and a haircut, & he shouldn't be harassing innocent young cashiers like you. Does this happen to you often.

Me: You have NO idea -_-

This happened yesterday when i was working.
Today people were just rude, but i'm kinda used to that at this point.
Just some lunatics stick out in my mind so much i have to vent/share, not that anyone comments but hopefully i make a reader laugh out loud with some of this shit.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ear Hair & "Disabled" People

If you are a grown man & have ear hair that it long enough that people can see..... CUT IT, BUZZ IT OR TRIM IT!! They do make ear hair trimmers for men I've seen them in the store!!
I rang up an old Indian man the other day and his ear hair was at least 2 inches long and thick it was disgusting i thought i was going to throw up. It stuck straight outta his ears, like come on guy... no one else is sporting that style there's a reason- It's gross.

Just because you take the motorized shopping carts at a store, doesn't give you the right to call yourself disabled. If you can put big heavy cases of beer in them and stand up and put them on the belt there's obviously nothing wrong with you, your just too fucking lazy to WALK around the store to do your shopping.

Also, i don't believe your disabled if you just huff and puff and make weird grunting noises like the lady from MAD TV. I despise people who pretend like they cant lift anything including a pack of napkins or toilet paper. Paper is probably the lightest stuff in a store you can buy other then marshmallows, so shut the fuck up that isn't heavy & you got it into your cart somehow and your going to have to get it in your car & into your house when you get home.

Now- the grunting huffing puffing lady.... -_O the lady is a nut job;
1. She wants everything double bagged in separate bags, only 1 or 2 items in a bag she can't lift anything heavy (she had a filled cart... i don't have THAT many bags you psycho go buy fucking garbage bags like a normal person)
2. She kept saying how heavy the light stuff like cereal and paper was, but didn't complain aloud when she put up cases of soda, jars of sauce, cans of soup.... isn't that heavy stuff she should be complaining about?!
3. I was helping her bag to get her the fuck off my line already because she was talking to herself out loud & like yelling at her self & I handed her a bad & she GRABBED my hand like hard....
I was like "Um, that's my hand...."
She said "Give me my bag!!"
I said, "if you let go of my hand you can have the bag..."
I know nothing about the disease & this may sound dumb but, how can you have a disease where you can't feel your hands yet you have the ability to grip things? & i thought arthritis is just getting soreness in joints and stuff not numbness....

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You're not the boss of me.

I hate how everyone thinks their a fucking boss in my store. It infuriates me as a matter of fact. You are only a customer service bitch or another cashier or a book-keeper, your not special you're not my manager nor do you sign my checks.
Get off your high horse just because the REAL managers hand you the key so they can go on your break, makes you a 'manager' for 15 minutes. If they wanted to make you a real manager, you would get the title and pay increase.

Don't tell me what to do in a rude tone, if i feel like you're talking down to me i stop listening. Speak to me like a normal human being or i'm going to be an even more sarcastic bitch to you.
Don't say things to me passive aggressively but loud enough for everyone to hear and turn to look, i get enough of that shit at home.

Stop flirting with all the male employees of the store thinking that your all cute & all the guys want your shit. Your too skinny & you look very needy and annoying. If guys cringe when you go to hug them, they obviously have no interest in dating you.
Also, stop complaining to all the girls in the store loud enough for everyone to hear about how all these guys start to ignore you and call you clingy, get defensive and ask if your being clingy. If more the 4 people in a year tell you that your clingy, maybe you are & should do something about it.

-End Rant-

Monday, January 16, 2012

Age is just a number

It's crazy how fast time flys by.... it feels like just yesterday i was turning 21, now I'm approaching my 24th birthday in about a week. It's just funny how you think you have all the time in the world, and before you know it 3-4 years pass by in what seems like a flash.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I want to have this similar body type by the summer:
I've loved Marilyn Monroe for as long as i can remember, i would LOVE to have her body. She was thin, but not scary thin she had a little meat on her but she was absolutely stunning she barely had any fat on her & she didn't have cellulite. I think she was one of the prettiest girls of her time.

Even Elizabeth Taylor had a SICK body in the day!! Not an ounce of cellulite on her, and she wasn't super skinny either... also one of my role models even to this day. I would love to look like too, especially her eyes she was absolutely stunning. & we have something in common, we're brunettes! haha



Unpleasantly or arrogantly domineering.

imperious - masterful - domineering - arrogant - haughty

I swear, my mom is the definition of overbearing. No matter what I'm doing in the house unless it has to do with my room, she steps in and does stuff for me. If im putting away food i bring home, she has to step in and do it... 
It's like i cant do anything for myself & im constantly getting yelled at. & then i get annoyed/my anxiety hits the roof because i cant do anything for myself and it drives me nuts because in another breath she;ll yell at me that i never help around the house.... -_-
My dad will be like "why do you look annoyed?" & i;ll say "whatever, it's nothing" & i go upstairs and away from everyone and blast my angry music until i calm down. 
Its obnoxious though i cant do anything right and no matter what im always getting yelled at & if its not by her, im getting yelled at for dumb things by my dad too. i swear i wont be sane/normal until i move out.

I'll have a perfectly nice night at cooking class & i like cooking class its 3 hrs i get to be away from everything and everyone & i have to go home to get yelled at?? Ruins my night. 
& not only that, on my way home from cooking class i called my bf to tell him what i made in cooking class and then he;s like im going to sleep im like ok goodnight i love you he said it back and said bye so i said bye and i hung up.
He called me back all annoyed and said i hung up on him while he was talking. I said you said you were going to sleep goodnight love you mwah and you said bye he's like well i didnt say bye im like ok im sorry what were you saying then because i just dont want to argue with him i just wanna go home & he all with an attitude was like nevermind i;ll talk to you tomorrow bye -_-. 
So it's like one thing after another i just cant seem to do anything right today it's annoying/frustrating as hell.

My astrological profile

Rising Sign is in 11 Degrees Cancer
Very sensitive by nature, you prefer to be in your own familiar surroundings. Cautious and conservative, you make changes in your life only very slowly, if at all. You do not open up easily to strangers. Friendships are made for life, however -- once given, your trust is forever. Your mother, your home as a child and your early family life in general are very important to you. You are also very sentimental. When you feel self- confident, you are gentle, giving and protective of the needs of others. But when you feel insecure or threatened, you become overly sensitive to criticism, shy, withdrawn and moody. You have a strong need for security -- in the sense that you are being loved, nourished and protected.

Sun is in 04 Degrees Aquarius.
You get bored with the status quo and are generally open to new things and ideas. An individualist and a free spirit, your friends are quite important to you as long as they do not try to tie you down by making too many emotional demands on you. Your thoughts are offbeat and you're a bit eccentric, but not always very changeable. As a matter of fact, you can be quite stubborn at times. Very fair-minded when dealing with large groups or broad issues, you are not always emotionally sensitive to the needs of individuals. Extremely objective, with good powers of observation, you would be qualified to study technical and complicated subjects, like science, computers or maybe even astrology.

Moon is in 20 Degrees Aries.
High-spirited and courageous, you are a fighter when your emotions are aroused. The degree of force and drive that you can bring to any effort sometimes surprises others. You have hair-trigger reactions to specific stimuli and tend to "let it all hang out." You sometimes act before you think and do things on the spur of the moment, and that sometimes gets you into trouble. Your moods change quickly -- you have quite a temper, but you don't hold grudges. Very independent, with an extremely strong and forceful personality, you are known for being impulsive, careless, reckless, foolhardy, rash and daring.

Mercury is in 22 Degrees Aquarius.
You tend to be very opinionated -- you have strongly felt notions about things and are quite vocal about expressing and defending them. Yet you are also an original thinker -- you enjoy shocking others with your offbeat, original thoughts. You appreciate and need mental and intellectual stimulation. Your judgment is usually fair and impartial -- you can be a good critic because you can remain objective and unemotional about most things.

Venus is in 11 Degrees Pisces.
You have a dreamy, fanciful, romantic nature and a very creative imagination. Indeed, at times, your private fantasies are more appealing than the reality around you and it is difficult for you to leave them. You tend to be unselfish and giving in relationships and are extremely sensitive of the needs of others. Be very sure that those you help are worthy of your devotion and are not merely taking advantage of your innocence and naivete.

Mars is in 10 Degrees Sagittarius.
Your every action is motivated by high moral standards and ideals. You will work very hard to improve the lot of the world at large, but you demand action about it -- you do not like to just sit around and talk about doing it in an abstract manner. You like to be where the real action is. You resist mightily any attempts to limit your freedom and you will assist anyone who feels put down and restricted. You are extremely restless by nature -- physical exercise is very important to you if you would maintain your health.

Jupiter is in 22 Degrees Aries.
The way that you grow and develop is by being an uncompromising individualist. You have a great need to be yourself and to explore your latent talents and abilities. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and develop self-confidence and pride in your accomplishments. But try not to become so self-centered that you ignore the needs of others. Also, you may have to build up your self-discipline in order to focus your energies properly.

Saturn is in 28 Degrees Sagittarius.
Basically quite conservative, you respect traditional authority figures and are very thankful and supportive of the laws and institutions which govern your life. You learn and accept new ideas only after having very thoroughly examined them. Ideals and abstract concepts are important to you only if they can be used in some practical fashion. You are so practical and so orderly that you have natural skills in planning, administrating and organizing.

Uranus is in 29 Degrees Sagittarius.
You, and most of your peers, have the tendency to think that all ideas, customs and traditions from the past are outmoded and irrelevant. You are attracted to radically new ideas, philosophies and religions that will, hopefully, cause sweeping changes throughout the world.

Neptune is in 08 Degrees Capricorn.
You, and your entire generation, will idealize work, practicality and the ability to attain reasonable goals. But, because you will also stress the need to be selfless and giving, you may find it difficult to attain your goals unless you have lowered your expectations on all fronts.

Pluto is in 12 Degrees Scorpio.
For your entire generation, this is a period of intense research and discovery in areas that were heretofore considered mysterious, remote or taboo. The root causes for many complex occurrences will be unearthed due to the intensity and thoroughness of the search.

N. Node is in 24 Degrees Pisces.
You're attracted to others who need your assistance. You seem to go out of your way to form relationships with those who are weak, sick, injured, addicted or troubled in some way or other. At your best you can indeed provide the relief that others need. But at times you can be victimized by those who would prey on your good nature and take advantage of you. This can lead to all sorts of negative situations -- make sure that those you assist are truly worthy of your time, energy and commitment. A little enlightened self-protectiveness on your part can make your life work much, much smoother!

Freaky how accurate a lot of those things are in relation to me!!
http://alabe.com/ If you want to look up your astrological profile as well


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photographs, primarily between mobile phones. The term was first popularized in early 21st century, and is a portmanteau of sex and texting, where the latter is meant in the wide sense of sending a text possibly with images.[1]

Sexting, It's like the new-aged way to have "phone sex" & if you don't have a webcam for "cyber sex" this is the next best thing! But, be careful!! In a matter of minutes, that one picture can be sent to hundreds/thousands of people- embarrassing you for a long time. Look at all the celebrities that sexted a picture, and it ended up all over the internet & in a football players case, landed him in a LOT of trouble!!

I don't condone young people like in HS or even younger because apparently teens in MIDDLE school are sexually active these day which scares me let alone for them to be sexting. Because we all know young girls & boys like to torment each other and before you know it, it ends up going all over the school embarrassing the people to the point of suicidal thought/actions. 

& I don't think even adults should do it unless their in a long term committed relationship because you never want pictures of you to be sent to everyone on the planet. look at pete wenz from fall out boy, he sexted a picture once and it ended up ALL over the internet!! same with miley cyrus among many other stars.

But in a committed relationship, i think sexting is hott & can help some couples who struggle with telling each other what they want in the bedroom alloud. 
Sometimes i think people tend to express themselves more in typing/texting because it's is easier for people to hide behind a screen then to tell their partner in the sheets, "no, do me from behind and pull my hair." 
I think that people tend to get shy and scared to ruin a moment in the sack. But if you can't find a way to tell your partner your likes & dislikes, then your sex life could probably improve by A LOT in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unknown Drunken Injuries

New years i along with my boyfriend and his friend, we all almost finished a bottle of Absolute Vodka. I guess i drank most of it, considering the fact i puked my brains out and don't remember half the night.

Well i had work 11:30 the next morning, and needless to say i made it... but i thought i was dieing;
Pounding headache, sick to my stomach still nauseous, all i could eat was 2 pieces of toast VERY slowly. I was so shaky from having like no food or anything in my body but i also couldn't stomach anything to really eat.
They had me cover a break at the grill at first when i got to work, i really thought i was going to puke on a customer. plus it was so hot by the grill, i was getting even more dizzy and nauseous, AWESOME.
& it seemed like when they put me back on register, i got everyone who had personal hygene issues, rude & who was buying smelly meat, fish, chicken, hot food...
i thought i was going to barf for like HOURS. They actually asked me to leave hour and a half early and i took that i left lol i need the money but i still felt like shit.

Did i also mention that I woke up with a lot of bruises all over me, don't know what their from until my boyfriend informed me. I kept walking into things, fell a few times i was really wrecked. He really is the greatest guy ever he took such good care of me since im still alive.

So, how was YOUR new years?!
To a happy and a healthy and prosperous 2012 <3

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sex Myths- BUSTED ;)

Article is from Women's Health Magazine online, love that magazine & very interesting topic of conversation. Italiacs are going to be my 2 cents on the excerpt.

He's Intimidated by Your Vibrator
Wrong! In fact, your guy might be secretly hoping you'll bust out a new "toyfriend" during your next romp. According to a recent Indiana University study, 41 percent of women have used a battery-powered buddy with their partner. And it goes beyond him watching you go wild: "Many men find vibration pleasurable on their penis and other body parts," says Debby Herbenick, Ph.D., a research scientist at Indiana University and author of Because It Feels Good. If he's game, vary the vibration speed and intensity to find something that revs up both of you.

I never thought of using a sex toy with anyone other them myself, it just sounds weird i mean how does that get brought up? "Want to have sex?, Nah, Id rather just use my vibrator tonight" hahaha i mean it just seemed weird to me but after getting drunk one night my boyfriend asked me if i touched myself when I don't see him. I was honest and said yes, he thought it was really hot & told me to bring them over next time because he wanted to see what i do when he's not around. I have to admit, it was kinda hot when he got so turned on, he took charge and used them on me. I thought it would be weird, but it almost made us closer to each other because we were really open and honest. I mean, if he's not around and I'm in the mood.... I have to do something about it, I'm not single I can't just find any random guy. Have any of you guys ever used toys in the bedroom with your partners?

The G-Spot Doesn't Really Exist
Earlier this year, a French study found physical evidence of this elusive erogenous zone: Women who were able to achieve vaginal orgasm had thicker-than-average tissues between the vagina and the urethra. Whether this area is a magic orgasm-inducing button for you depends on your sensitivity, says Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., coauthor of The Orgasm Answer Guide. "Lie on your back and have your partner (or yourself) use one or two fingers to stimulate the upper front wall of your vagina with a 'come here' motion," she says. Hit the right spot and within 10 seconds you'll know it. During vaginal intercourse, try rear entry or woman on top—both put his penis in a position to hit the jackpot.

I don't care what it is, or where it is.... if it's a mythical spot or not. But when it's touched, licked or fucked right, eventually it then becomes the best high in the world!! Learn it guys!! 

Size Matters
A bigger penis doesn’t necessarily make sex more mind blowing. For one, it won’t help a guy reach your (very real— see myth No. 3) G-spot, and it could actually be painful if his penis hits your cervix during sex. If his length is lacking, stick to positions that keep you close together (such as missionary), have him use a grinding rather than thrusting movement, and wrap your legs around him for extra clitoral stimulation. Got a bigger boy? Woman-on-top positions (like reverse cowgirl) let you control the depth of his stroke.

Size only matters, if when hard it's the size width and length of your pinky from the knuckle to nail. I've seen those before... it's more or less like a tic tack you wont feel anything. But really big, like scary big like sausage status will make most girls bleed and feel uncomfortable which isn't good either. What ever happened to average?? hahahaha Girls, do you think size matters?!

Watching Porn Is a Guy Thing
Watching porn is a guy thing. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis found that looking at erotic images caused a rapid increase in women’s electrical brainwave activity that was just as strong as in men’s. “Women can use porn to find out what they like and are comfortable with in the bedroom,” explains Lou Paget, a certified sex educator. Watch it solo to help yourself get into the mood, or invite your guy to watch your fave film together as foreplay.

Another thing while drunk, got brought up between me and my man. I don't watch it really, but I've watched it before and he thought that was really sexy. So, we watched it together and i don't know it just seemed like the intensity was turned up because it's normal to look at other people as long as we still have the hots for each other, only have sex with each other and don't need the porn to get off, just thought it would be something different to put it on during. A funny porn, it always the best kind to break the ice too. Anyone watch porn with their significant others to turn up the heat a little once and a while? Or maybe some role playing? Some S&M? A little experimenting never killed anyone.

Don't Forget, practice safe sex and use condoms <3