Thursday, January 12, 2012



Unpleasantly or arrogantly domineering.

imperious - masterful - domineering - arrogant - haughty

I swear, my mom is the definition of overbearing. No matter what I'm doing in the house unless it has to do with my room, she steps in and does stuff for me. If im putting away food i bring home, she has to step in and do it... 
It's like i cant do anything for myself & im constantly getting yelled at. & then i get annoyed/my anxiety hits the roof because i cant do anything for myself and it drives me nuts because in another breath she;ll yell at me that i never help around the house.... -_-
My dad will be like "why do you look annoyed?" & i;ll say "whatever, it's nothing" & i go upstairs and away from everyone and blast my angry music until i calm down. 
Its obnoxious though i cant do anything right and no matter what im always getting yelled at & if its not by her, im getting yelled at for dumb things by my dad too. i swear i wont be sane/normal until i move out.

I'll have a perfectly nice night at cooking class & i like cooking class its 3 hrs i get to be away from everything and everyone & i have to go home to get yelled at?? Ruins my night. 
& not only that, on my way home from cooking class i called my bf to tell him what i made in cooking class and then he;s like im going to sleep im like ok goodnight i love you he said it back and said bye so i said bye and i hung up.
He called me back all annoyed and said i hung up on him while he was talking. I said you said you were going to sleep goodnight love you mwah and you said bye he's like well i didnt say bye im like ok im sorry what were you saying then because i just dont want to argue with him i just wanna go home & he all with an attitude was like nevermind i;ll talk to you tomorrow bye -_-. 
So it's like one thing after another i just cant seem to do anything right today it's annoying/frustrating as hell.

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