Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unknown Drunken Injuries

New years i along with my boyfriend and his friend, we all almost finished a bottle of Absolute Vodka. I guess i drank most of it, considering the fact i puked my brains out and don't remember half the night.

Well i had work 11:30 the next morning, and needless to say i made it... but i thought i was dieing;
Pounding headache, sick to my stomach still nauseous, all i could eat was 2 pieces of toast VERY slowly. I was so shaky from having like no food or anything in my body but i also couldn't stomach anything to really eat.
They had me cover a break at the grill at first when i got to work, i really thought i was going to puke on a customer. plus it was so hot by the grill, i was getting even more dizzy and nauseous, AWESOME.
& it seemed like when they put me back on register, i got everyone who had personal hygene issues, rude & who was buying smelly meat, fish, chicken, hot food...
i thought i was going to barf for like HOURS. They actually asked me to leave hour and a half early and i took that i left lol i need the money but i still felt like shit.

Did i also mention that I woke up with a lot of bruises all over me, don't know what their from until my boyfriend informed me. I kept walking into things, fell a few times i was really wrecked. He really is the greatest guy ever he took such good care of me since im still alive.

So, how was YOUR new years?!
To a happy and a healthy and prosperous 2012 <3

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