Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You're not the boss of me.

I hate how everyone thinks their a fucking boss in my store. It infuriates me as a matter of fact. You are only a customer service bitch or another cashier or a book-keeper, your not special you're not my manager nor do you sign my checks.
Get off your high horse just because the REAL managers hand you the key so they can go on your break, makes you a 'manager' for 15 minutes. If they wanted to make you a real manager, you would get the title and pay increase.

Don't tell me what to do in a rude tone, if i feel like you're talking down to me i stop listening. Speak to me like a normal human being or i'm going to be an even more sarcastic bitch to you.
Don't say things to me passive aggressively but loud enough for everyone to hear and turn to look, i get enough of that shit at home.

Stop flirting with all the male employees of the store thinking that your all cute & all the guys want your shit. Your too skinny & you look very needy and annoying. If guys cringe when you go to hug them, they obviously have no interest in dating you.
Also, stop complaining to all the girls in the store loud enough for everyone to hear about how all these guys start to ignore you and call you clingy, get defensive and ask if your being clingy. If more the 4 people in a year tell you that your clingy, maybe you are & should do something about it.

-End Rant-

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