Wednesday, February 29, 2012

All grown up now!!

Wasn't Zack Efron like a year or 2 ago like a teeny bopper from the High School Musical movies?! I mean he had that gay shaggy haircut like Justin Bieber, didn't seem to have any muscles & kind of came off like a feminine little bitch. Now it seems like overnight he grew up & looks like a man, with tattoos!! Now older women are going to be ALL over that, eat your heart out to that girl from HS Musical he was dating.

I'm sorry, but Macaulay Culkin looks like an old well dressed crack head now. What happened to the obnoxious cute sweet little boy from the Home Alone movies?! I mean i get that he hasn't had much of a career lately but, that is EXTREME letting yourself go!! Eat a cheeseburger Macaulay, your body can use the fat since your skin is hanging off your bones it needs something to fill it in.

Sean Murray: Then, as a kid in my favorite movie as a kid Hocus Pocus. I never knew until recently that it was him & i read it online. I then realized that's why i love him now, as a successful adult actor on the hit TV show NCIS. He plays a computer nerd/writer on NCIS but still a lovable character. I think i have a thing for nerds on TV hahahhaaha

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