Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ear Hair & "Disabled" People

If you are a grown man & have ear hair that it long enough that people can see..... CUT IT, BUZZ IT OR TRIM IT!! They do make ear hair trimmers for men I've seen them in the store!!
I rang up an old Indian man the other day and his ear hair was at least 2 inches long and thick it was disgusting i thought i was going to throw up. It stuck straight outta his ears, like come on guy... no one else is sporting that style there's a reason- It's gross.

Just because you take the motorized shopping carts at a store, doesn't give you the right to call yourself disabled. If you can put big heavy cases of beer in them and stand up and put them on the belt there's obviously nothing wrong with you, your just too fucking lazy to WALK around the store to do your shopping.

Also, i don't believe your disabled if you just huff and puff and make weird grunting noises like the lady from MAD TV. I despise people who pretend like they cant lift anything including a pack of napkins or toilet paper. Paper is probably the lightest stuff in a store you can buy other then marshmallows, so shut the fuck up that isn't heavy & you got it into your cart somehow and your going to have to get it in your car & into your house when you get home.

Now- the grunting huffing puffing lady.... -_O the lady is a nut job;
1. She wants everything double bagged in separate bags, only 1 or 2 items in a bag she can't lift anything heavy (she had a filled cart... i don't have THAT many bags you psycho go buy fucking garbage bags like a normal person)
2. She kept saying how heavy the light stuff like cereal and paper was, but didn't complain aloud when she put up cases of soda, jars of sauce, cans of soup.... isn't that heavy stuff she should be complaining about?!
3. I was helping her bag to get her the fuck off my line already because she was talking to herself out loud & like yelling at her self & I handed her a bad & she GRABBED my hand like hard....
I was like "Um, that's my hand...."
She said "Give me my bag!!"
I said, "if you let go of my hand you can have the bag..."
I know nothing about the disease & this may sound dumb but, how can you have a disease where you can't feel your hands yet you have the ability to grip things? & i thought arthritis is just getting soreness in joints and stuff not numbness....


Dani said...

Cool post, excuses maybe, just some nut job, making excuses hehe & consider yourself tagged in my post

MurphysLaw said...

hahaha thanks, i always get the asshole customers -_O