Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Can't We Be Friends?? & The Agent.

Customer: (comes up behind me to my left) *clears throat* Hi, i came to visit you today.
(Now, I'm ringing up a customer with a big order)
Me: Um, hi.... shopping today??
Customer: No, i came here just to see you. I shopped yesterday & you weren't here... was it your day off??
Me: ....uhhh, yeah. Are you joking?? Are you here to shop today?
Customer: With the gas prices right now, i am not joking. *long pause* WELLLLLLLL... Are you going to talk to me, can we be friends??!!
Me: .... uhhh.... were friendly, i say hi to you and talk when i ring you up....
Customer: Well, i mean OUTSIDE of here, I'd like to see you.
Me: ......uhhh i have a boyfriend & dont know what to say to that.... just no.
Customer: Oh, your a tough one. i like a challenge.
Me: Um, ok i cant talk im ringing someone up.

He's like 40-50 years old, half black half white and an annoying pretentious asshole. & Now he's just becoming a fucking CREEPY customer. I hate how i attract all the nut jobs.

The Agent:
Finishing ringing up a short pudgy customer. Keep in mind that im wearing a brass knuckle necklace that is obviously fake and too small to put anyone but a child's hand in;
Customer: Did you know that brass knuckles are ILLEGAL in New York??
Me: Um, yeah... Everything cool is illegal here.
Customer: Can you fit your hand in that??
Me: No, it's jewelry & my hands aren't THAT small
Customer: Well, i guess you can tell what my profession is.
Me: (sarcastically) What are you a cop or something?
Customer: Close, I'm an AGENT.
Me: Agent? An agent of what??
Customer: (Gives mysterious look) *Walks away*

hahahahahahahhahaha WTF?!?!! Can only happen to me.

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