Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Baby Boom

I swear i feel like almost all of my friends online are pregnant again or just had babies. I'm happy for them but at the same time I almost wish I was them, & also am re-leaved that I'm not.
I LOVE babies/kids, & i really want kids one day. Part of me makes me think that I almost wish I were having them now when my friends are.
But i also see how most of them are struggling money and emotionally wise with having a kid so young. Plus i see a pattern that the guy seems to eventually leave them & barely see's the kid let alone helps pay in every situation of my friends.
That kind of stuff makes me glad I'm trying to wait until I'm a little more established working & hopefully at least married to my boyfriend of over 5 years, for hopefully at least a year.

Not that I think anyone i know is wrong for having a kid younger, i just think that if they waited they may have been more ready for the responsibilities. Plus, when your with a man for a longer period of time they may not feel forced into anything & leave out of resentment towards the idea of not being able to party and be young & careless or selfish anymore.
Once a baby comes, it has to be all about that baby & not you anymore & i don't think a lot of guys grasp that concept until it's too late.
I honestly believe that no matter what, unless your rich... your never financially stable enough for a child. But in my head I would want to be more secure then having like nothing saved & have to struggle every day and every month trying to pay bills.

I also feel like it's girl season!!! I know 2 people having girls already, one of them being a SET of twin girls!!
 You CAN'T help but fall in love, even when their sleeping they look so innocent and adorable.

The first one of my friends to have a kid, is now my 4 year old god-daughter. She is the cutest little girl ever but even her dad is not part of their lives right now & hasn't been for the last 2-3 years of her life. But she has raised her on her own to be a very sweet loving little girl who is going to have a lot of questions when she gets older.
My friend was only 19 when she got pregnant with her, now if she wants to go out... she has to find a babysitter first. Not only that, but with all the court she has to take off from work to go to sue him for child support and then he sued for visitation rights, & then he stopped showing up for the visits... she has not seen a dime from child support.

I helped another friend of mine last night look at cribs for her first baby, she's having a girl too. She is just so overwhelmed with the choices of things to put on the registry. So i went to help her choose things, all the little clothes and the little socks and everything was just so cute i feel like if i were pregnant going in there, id want to buy EVERYthing!!
 I want a minimum of 2 kids. I would prefer a boy and a girl... but i'm open to having 3 kids because that seems to be a family thing where everyone but my half brother has 3 kids. My cousins are 2 girls and a boy, my family is 2 boys and a girl. I guess we will see what happens years from now when i have to think about that hahah

My ex-boyfriends girlfriend is having twin girls. Can't wait to see what they look like!! The little faces & the little hands and feet...  make you just fall for a baby.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm really not a religious person, but for some unknown reason this past year... I've been OBSESSED with things with the Evil eye & anything Hamsa related.
I'm not sure if its the "ward off evil" aspect that i'm interested in, because i feel that it is mental not anything to really do with jewelry.
I mean anything is possible, maybe all the years of lack of religion will make my interested in it, i didnt think that would happen until i had kids of my own to be honest.
OMG THEY MAKE HAMSA CLOTHING!!! IM IN LOVE!!! (Some of this stuff is RIDICULOUSLY expensive...)
A reasonable sale from $29.99 to $24.99! Link:

$110.00?! Wow... For rhinestones?? They will probably fall off in the wash!! It looks very cute, I'd be afraid to damage it! I've been to this store in the mall, but I feel they are very over priced for many of their things, especially with the economy now the way it is. Link:

THIS is so awesome!!! & It's so unique!!! I wish it wasn't a mans hoodie, & i wish more it wasn't sold out and i could find out how much it was!! I hope they restock this, I'd TOTALLY splurge on this one!! Link:

$88.00?! Seems like another over-priced article of clothing!! It's not even very cute to be honest, They should be giving it away instead of charging $88, it's still in stock for a reason. Its ugly. Link:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They clog the toilets!

Tonight we brought my mom to the Dermatologist, & low and behold i see 2 asshole customers i can't fucking stand sitting in the waiting room. (They stole magazines from the waiting room btw)
So naturally, i took a picture to show the people who read this. She is the lady i refer to as having elephantiasis, and her son is like retarded and also has elephantiasis.

List of things they have done to drive us insane at work:
1. She SHIT in a chair in the front of the store & they had to throw it out.
2. They bring 20-25$ with them, ask for it to be changed into singles... only to use all the money, so there is no need for the change.
3. They only bring 20-25$, and put 50$ worth of stuff in the cart, and only void off dollar items.
4. If anything they get is more then a dollar, they take it off.
5. When you void off more then 5$ worth of stuff, you need to get a managers "over ride" to i guess make sure everythings ok, so even the managers hate them
6. They clog up the toilets and break them
7. Last time i rang them up, after they finally left, there was a huge puddle on the floor & my manager was convinced they pissed on the floor
8. Even if they have more the 30 things, they will go to an express line and take a million years not take no for an answer and go to your register anyway
9. They smell like piss & shit, and they take a taxi service so they hang around for an hour even after they finish shopping
10. They are just overall obnoxious and they tried to make them uncomfortable last time they were shopping in the store giving them dirty looks being nasty, they stopped coming for a few weeks and then came back again ugh!!!

Of course my fucking luck would be to see these jackasses outside of work, i was really tempted to say something honestly but i didnt want to make a scene in a doctors office. I wonder if they pay their co-pays in singles and give the doctors office a hard time

You Can't Hide From Me

So, the creeper that asked a few weeks ago if we could be friends, is getting even weirder!!!
I hid from him this past Friday on the other side of the store.
He came right to my line and told me i cant hide from him because whenever he's in the store he looks for me.
I didn't say anything, rang him up.
He said "Do you think i'll be back?"
So i responded with "Apparently your here every week or so, so regardless if we have a decent sale or not im going to say yeah"
He took his recipet and left.
WTF?! im on the other side of the store you psycho, and it doesn't help when you say creepy things like "you cant hide from me, i look for you"
If he keeps saying weird shit like that, I'm going to tell Security in the store to watch out for him

Friday, March 9, 2012

The calm before the storm

Well, I have been applying to as many jobs as humanly possible in hope that my luck my turn around & if i get a new job i might not have to deal with the general public, in person.
At least if i get a customer service job in a call center, i will get paid more plus more hours and benefits and all those other perks. Plus I wont have to physically deal with customers in person or people on food stamps & other welfare aid.
This is supposed to be my year according to the Chinese calendar, the year of the dragon is every 12 years so this year I'm 24 so it's a 12th year. I hope something good happens i could really use it.
I could really use a better paying job with more hours and perks so i might be able to move out of my parents house sometime this century...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The seasons can affect your sex drive??!!

"Quotes" are from an article online from Womens Health Magazine. Bold Italics are going to be my review/opinion on the advice they are giving.

"If shorter days and dipping temperatures have you feeling more snuggly than sexy lately, there's an explanation: "In the winter, many people's testosterone levels decrease, which can lower libido substantially," says Jed Diamond, Ph.D., author of Irritable Male Syndrome. Prevent your sex life from going into a deep freeze by following this advice."
That's interesting because most people i know in the winter aren't look for a serious boyfriend or girlfriend, but specifically a 'snuggle buddy'. They want someone to keep warm with and be all lovey nothing exciting and crazy like what people look for in the summertime. I mean i feel tired a lot more in the winter i had no idea weather affected testosterone levels though, this actually explains a lot of things I've wondered about over the course of my life.

"Embrace your body
Screw your post-dinner bloat—and no running to pee wrapped in a sheet after sex. Guys actually find you sexier in the wintertime, according to a study published in the journal Perception. In the summer, they see so much skin that they become more critical of women's bodies. But in the winter, women aren't showcasing their toned butts and abs, so men are more accepting of different body types and are more likely to overlook flaws. Don't feel comfortable lounging around naked? Throw on something that highlights your best assets, like a cute pair of boy shorts or a sexy tank top."
Well, i feel like people judge and criticize no matter what season but i guess i can see people being more sexually attracted to someones personality and face in the winter then their body because they are covered. But I'm almost positive that once the clothes come off, for most people... it's judgment time.  & I'm sorry but unless you have the BEST heating system in the world, who the hell walks around the house naked or in boy shorts and a tank top in the winter?! ITS COLD!!!

"Try a hot trick
"Warm sensations bring the blood to the skin's surface, increasing sensitivity," says Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., author of Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots. Blow hot air over the thin-skinned parts of his body, such as his neck, ears, inner thighs, and scrotum. Or keep a mug of warm tea on the bedside table, and before you go down on him, swish some around in your mouth. You can also rub heat-activated lube on each other's shoulders, back, butt, or genitals."
Why do i feel like someone who reads this, is going to burn their partner with tea that is TOO HOTT?! That sounds weird & slightly painful if you don't know what your doing. The blowing hot air thing is normal and I'm sure everyone's done that at one time, but seriously where do they come up with this hot tea trick stuff?!
"Be more intimate during sex
Rather than sex positions that require astounding feats of flexibility, try a few that encourage coziness. Lie on your side while he spoons you, or while you're stomach-down, have him lie flat on top of you and enter you from behind. And get your boobs in on the action: "Your breasts are made of glandular tissue, so they can generate heat when they're stimulated and pressed against warm skin," says certified sex educator Lou Paget, author of Hot Mamas. Use them as a tool during foreplay to give both of you some added thrills."
Well i feel that intimacy is atleast 75% of a relationship, if you can't be intimate then your probably just fuck buddies and your relationship won't last very long. Sex is a big part of everything in a relationship but if you cant be close & intimate then there's something off. You have to be able to be best friends, lovers, and  each others fantasies.

"Get busy on the clothes dryer
Yeah, the laundry room is for getting things clean, but you can also use it to get down and dirty. Hop onto the humming dryer while he stands between your legs, and let him give you oral attention. "You can hoist one leg over his shoulder to give him easier access," says Fulbright. The heat from the machine plus the vibrations will amp up the experience."
Again, ouch. These people are trying to put you in pain!! & what if you dont have a washer and dryer?! That would be awkward to walk into a laundrymat or your apt complex one and see people just having sex. I'd take my clothes somewhere else, clean. hahahahahaha