Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Baby Boom

I swear i feel like almost all of my friends online are pregnant again or just had babies. I'm happy for them but at the same time I almost wish I was them, & also am re-leaved that I'm not.
I LOVE babies/kids, & i really want kids one day. Part of me makes me think that I almost wish I were having them now when my friends are.
But i also see how most of them are struggling money and emotionally wise with having a kid so young. Plus i see a pattern that the guy seems to eventually leave them & barely see's the kid let alone helps pay in every situation of my friends.
That kind of stuff makes me glad I'm trying to wait until I'm a little more established working & hopefully at least married to my boyfriend of over 5 years, for hopefully at least a year.

Not that I think anyone i know is wrong for having a kid younger, i just think that if they waited they may have been more ready for the responsibilities. Plus, when your with a man for a longer period of time they may not feel forced into anything & leave out of resentment towards the idea of not being able to party and be young & careless or selfish anymore.
Once a baby comes, it has to be all about that baby & not you anymore & i don't think a lot of guys grasp that concept until it's too late.
I honestly believe that no matter what, unless your rich... your never financially stable enough for a child. But in my head I would want to be more secure then having like nothing saved & have to struggle every day and every month trying to pay bills.

I also feel like it's girl season!!! I know 2 people having girls already, one of them being a SET of twin girls!!
 You CAN'T help but fall in love, even when their sleeping they look so innocent and adorable.

The first one of my friends to have a kid, is now my 4 year old god-daughter. She is the cutest little girl ever but even her dad is not part of their lives right now & hasn't been for the last 2-3 years of her life. But she has raised her on her own to be a very sweet loving little girl who is going to have a lot of questions when she gets older.
My friend was only 19 when she got pregnant with her, now if she wants to go out... she has to find a babysitter first. Not only that, but with all the court she has to take off from work to go to sue him for child support and then he sued for visitation rights, & then he stopped showing up for the visits... she has not seen a dime from child support.

I helped another friend of mine last night look at cribs for her first baby, she's having a girl too. She is just so overwhelmed with the choices of things to put on the registry. So i went to help her choose things, all the little clothes and the little socks and everything was just so cute i feel like if i were pregnant going in there, id want to buy EVERYthing!!
 I want a minimum of 2 kids. I would prefer a boy and a girl... but i'm open to having 3 kids because that seems to be a family thing where everyone but my half brother has 3 kids. My cousins are 2 girls and a boy, my family is 2 boys and a girl. I guess we will see what happens years from now when i have to think about that hahah

My ex-boyfriends girlfriend is having twin girls. Can't wait to see what they look like!! The little faces & the little hands and feet...  make you just fall for a baby.

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