Thursday, March 29, 2012


I'm really not a religious person, but for some unknown reason this past year... I've been OBSESSED with things with the Evil eye & anything Hamsa related.
I'm not sure if its the "ward off evil" aspect that i'm interested in, because i feel that it is mental not anything to really do with jewelry.
I mean anything is possible, maybe all the years of lack of religion will make my interested in it, i didnt think that would happen until i had kids of my own to be honest.
OMG THEY MAKE HAMSA CLOTHING!!! IM IN LOVE!!! (Some of this stuff is RIDICULOUSLY expensive...)
A reasonable sale from $29.99 to $24.99! Link:

$110.00?! Wow... For rhinestones?? They will probably fall off in the wash!! It looks very cute, I'd be afraid to damage it! I've been to this store in the mall, but I feel they are very over priced for many of their things, especially with the economy now the way it is. Link:

THIS is so awesome!!! & It's so unique!!! I wish it wasn't a mans hoodie, & i wish more it wasn't sold out and i could find out how much it was!! I hope they restock this, I'd TOTALLY splurge on this one!! Link:

$88.00?! Seems like another over-priced article of clothing!! It's not even very cute to be honest, They should be giving it away instead of charging $88, it's still in stock for a reason. Its ugly. Link:

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