Wednesday, March 28, 2012

They clog the toilets!

Tonight we brought my mom to the Dermatologist, & low and behold i see 2 asshole customers i can't fucking stand sitting in the waiting room. (They stole magazines from the waiting room btw)
So naturally, i took a picture to show the people who read this. She is the lady i refer to as having elephantiasis, and her son is like retarded and also has elephantiasis.

List of things they have done to drive us insane at work:
1. She SHIT in a chair in the front of the store & they had to throw it out.
2. They bring 20-25$ with them, ask for it to be changed into singles... only to use all the money, so there is no need for the change.
3. They only bring 20-25$, and put 50$ worth of stuff in the cart, and only void off dollar items.
4. If anything they get is more then a dollar, they take it off.
5. When you void off more then 5$ worth of stuff, you need to get a managers "over ride" to i guess make sure everythings ok, so even the managers hate them
6. They clog up the toilets and break them
7. Last time i rang them up, after they finally left, there was a huge puddle on the floor & my manager was convinced they pissed on the floor
8. Even if they have more the 30 things, they will go to an express line and take a million years not take no for an answer and go to your register anyway
9. They smell like piss & shit, and they take a taxi service so they hang around for an hour even after they finish shopping
10. They are just overall obnoxious and they tried to make them uncomfortable last time they were shopping in the store giving them dirty looks being nasty, they stopped coming for a few weeks and then came back again ugh!!!

Of course my fucking luck would be to see these jackasses outside of work, i was really tempted to say something honestly but i didnt want to make a scene in a doctors office. I wonder if they pay their co-pays in singles and give the doctors office a hard time

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