Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You Can't Hide From Me

So, the creeper that asked a few weeks ago if we could be friends, is getting even weirder!!!
I hid from him this past Friday on the other side of the store.
He came right to my line and told me i cant hide from him because whenever he's in the store he looks for me.
I didn't say anything, rang him up.
He said "Do you think i'll be back?"
So i responded with "Apparently your here every week or so, so regardless if we have a decent sale or not im going to say yeah"
He took his recipet and left.
WTF?! im on the other side of the store you psycho, and it doesn't help when you say creepy things like "you cant hide from me, i look for you"
If he keeps saying weird shit like that, I'm going to tell Security in the store to watch out for him

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