Monday, April 16, 2012


There is a new show on A&E that I'm afraid to admit, I'm obsessed with. 
It is so ridiculous and almost seems staged with the weird or dumb things the older guys say, but the sons are spoiled rotten from money and yet their still rednecks at heart. 
The son turned their duck calls into a multi- million dollar corporation.... it's almost like the Beverly Hillbillies but a reality show instead of a sitcom.

My favorite characters are the two old guys (the father and the uncle) and the son on the left side between the two old men. The old guys babble about crazy old stuff, the uncle is a Vietnam Veteran. 
The son i like in one episode sent his dad and uncle to his little kids career day because he was playing his brother on the right in golf for money. So the first thing his uncle says to these little kids is, "Have you ever heard of NAM?!" 
Then, they skinned rabbits or ducks i forgot which in front of the class and all the little girls screamed.

On a side note: I challenged my boyfriend to grow a beard like them, he accepted the challenge. 
After a week, his beard which wasn't near that length at all was too itchy for him and he surrendered from the bet hahhaha!! I just wanted to see what he would look like with a beard like that.
I'm sure those beards are uncomfortable, smelly and itchy & you probably have to take good care of them or they probably get matted and gross like dog hair.

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