Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dial M for Murder

I feel like, people look at my blog but never comment. Maybe if i start writing about outlandish things, i might get a following. I guess the first experiment will be; a random short story about a disgruntled retail employee turned murderer/bank robber??- fictional.

It was the last straw, Victoria had her last nasty customer. The man argued, tried to steal, talked down to her among just not only smelling awful but trying to short change her drawer buy not giving her enough money. That was it, she just couldn't take it anymore.
Unfortunately for the nasty man customer.... who paid with a credit card, Victoria now new his first & last name. Now all Victoria needed to do, was Google the name and find an address for this rude person.

Prepared with rope, duct tape, among other torture devices she sets off to this mans house. On the way getting madder and more frustrated, not being able to make ends meet.
Passed a bank and, well... pulled a U-turn like you would think she was a professional driver. Calmly, walked over towards the door and pulled a mask over her face. Went into the bank and forced the tellers to give her all the money in their drawers. Not greedy, not to get to the safe... just whatever they had in the front. In and out, quickest bank job probably ever. There was no way you could identify her, too smart for that.

Adrenaline pumping, got to the nasty mans house... & well, it wasn't the right person. Unfortunately Google can Google a name but it doesn't mean it is the right person. Just her luck, well... until the next one pisses her off. Disgruntled cashier by day, possible murderer by night. Be nice to the people who work shit jobs, they have the capability of going 'postal'.

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