Thursday, April 12, 2012

Vampire In The Bedroom

A guilty pleasure of mine with my man, a little lip biting or nibbling on the neck while making out i think is really cute & sexy.
But just a little advice on that, if you leave a loved one with giant welts & or actually draw blood.... well, you're NOT a vampire so your probably doing something wrong. It is very easy to turn something cute and sexy into something painful and a huge turn off.
Obviously a hickey is a little bruising... but welts, well they are not hickeys. It is proof your partner needs a lesson on what their doing to you, because they are beating you up!!
Unless your into that sort of thing, i mean everyone has their own likes and dislikes. There are people out there who are into S&M which may or may not include beatings and drawing blood for pleasure, not my cup of tea though.
Such a shame when you see people places and you just know, "ouch that had to hurt more then it felt good" LOL!!
Having chapped lips is the worst too, only makes it hurt more with a little cute bite while making out. I'm in pain just thinking about it, i also have chapped lips so i need to get me some chapstick as soon as possible! I see my boyfriend tomorrow night!! hahha

What are some of your guilty pleasures in the bedroom that may either be really sex or a turn off with the wrong or in-experienced person??

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