Wednesday, April 18, 2012


If i ever get married, i think i would have to have a vintage wedding. 
I am obsessed with anything vintage from like the 1950's, even if it's not originally from then i still love old looking things. 
I would want the dj to play big band swing type music, unless i hired a swing band to play old music all night.
I would want a vintage dress and would want my bridal party to have like lace in their dresses because it makes me think of the 40's and 50's. 
Guys in old school looking pin striped suits, slicked back hair, fedoras, all that fun stuff!!
I don't want a dress with THAT much lace, but i would rock that with the bottom half a solid fabric to break it up a bit. 
I love the idea of an outdoor wedding too, look how cute the sparklers are!!
I LOVE the keyhole part of the dress in the back, & the fact that it's lace.... dieing in love. I just think if i ever wore a dress that was completely lace, I would look ridiculous. 
But i would i guess get something custom top half lace with a keyhole back and the bottom a solid white. 
I think i would also go for a more vintage off white or almost cream color rather then a bright white. 
I'm so pale, i think that bright white would make me look even paler then i already am haha.

I don't really like their color scheme, I'm not really a big orange fan. I also think that is a very ugly shade of pink, but i think it is all just so cute and adorable the way it is set up and laid out.  
I would personally just have chosen a different color scheme.
Even the little bouquets on the tables are adorable. 
Little white twinkle lights to accent everything, i just love it. 
Simple, but elegant all at the same time.

 Aww, even their reception at night was beautifully light with white twinkle lights!! 
I love this, it's not even over done with some crazy expensive venue that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can never see myself doing that, i mean i'm sure this wasn't cheap but it's not like Bridezilla status with a venue that charges 30,000 for the day/night plus a cake that costs 10.000. 
That show annoys me and it makes me feel sorry for those people, it's not love it's about money with them. How flashy their wedding will be compared to other people, it's gross. A wedding should just be about showing your love and commitment not how much you spend to make other people look bad.
Just simple, cute beautiful placement to accent the venue the wedding was held.

This, i love. I wasn't sure at first because I'm not really a huge fan of brown. But somehow the more i looked at it, i thought "this color scheme really works and blends well together." 
Maybe because it seems to go nicely with the whole outdoor nature feel of everything. 
I would consider to do that as my color scheme if i ever got married.

ok goodnight.

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