Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation, All I ever wanted

I need a vacation!!! 
I want to go to any place remotely like these pictures.
I want to snorkel and look at the cute little tropical fish.
I want to stuff my face with delicious healthy possibly new interesting food from wherever i am.
I want nothing more then warm/hot weather, a slight breeze.
I want extremely cold good strong alcoholic drinks.
I just want some relaxation time. 
A week away from crazy, nasty people would be soooo nice.
I want bikini weather.
I want the freedom of not having to go to work for a week.
I want to bake in the sun for hours.
I want to swim in clear ocean water to cool off.
 I'm a beach girl at heart. 
I love summer.
I love getting a sunburn, peeling and tanning.
I love drinking in the heat & getting dizzy.
There is NOTHING like summertime/vacation.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cats vs. Dogs

Kittens are so cute, I can't handle it!!
These pictures make me want to get a kitten :]
Their so tiny and soft and cute when their this little....
Then they grow up to be huge crazy fat cats like my personal cat.
I'll show you how big he is;
This is my little man, well he's not so little anymore hahahha
He thinks he's a dog sometimes as you can tell by the position he's in- he does this all the time.
He lets you rub his belly, and when he's had enough, he bites you lmao
He's going to be 10 this summer!!

Not only am I severely allergic to dogs, their a disgusting mess in my eyes.
They pee and poop all over the house, they bark, they jump... i mean my list can go on.
Cats have a litter box that's gross but it's all in one place to clean their feces, they don't usually destroy a house by peeing and pooping everywhere like a dog.
Maybe it would be different if a dog was trained really well and didn't tear everything up and ruin a house, but it doesn't help the fact that i'm very allergic to them.

So, are you a cat or a dog person?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Robin Hood ;]

If Robin Hood looked like this, i might have liked the story/movies better. But I don't think a guy who prances around in tights singing is sexy. 
Call me crazy, but a skilled man with a bow and arrows that explode... i don't know why but he was my favorite part of the Avengers movie. 
Jax is obsessed with Rdow & he was good in the movie too, but there's something about Jeremy Renner i like. I liked him in the Hurt Locker too. 
I don't usually find much older guys good looking, i guess he's an exception. Well, i guess actors are exceptions??

I also still have a girl crush/obsession kinda with ellen page... but im not into girls, i guess i just admire their beauty??