Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Robin Hood ;]

If Robin Hood looked like this, i might have liked the story/movies better. But I don't think a guy who prances around in tights singing is sexy. 
Call me crazy, but a skilled man with a bow and arrows that explode... i don't know why but he was my favorite part of the Avengers movie. 
Jax is obsessed with Rdow & he was good in the movie too, but there's something about Jeremy Renner i like. I liked him in the Hurt Locker too. 
I don't usually find much older guys good looking, i guess he's an exception. Well, i guess actors are exceptions??

I also still have a girl crush/obsession kinda with ellen page... but im not into girls, i guess i just admire their beauty??


Jax said...

I'm just catching up on your blog now!! I haven't been here in a while :) LOL Helllll yessssss, I'm obsessed with Rdow!!!!! hahahaha

Really? You liked Hawk Eye? Sigh... lol

MurphysLaw said...

you can take rdow, i will take hawk eye any day :p have you seen him in the hurt locker??? he's just, i cant describe it other then 'woah'... LOL