Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vacation, All I ever wanted

I need a vacation!!! 
I want to go to any place remotely like these pictures.
I want to snorkel and look at the cute little tropical fish.
I want to stuff my face with delicious healthy possibly new interesting food from wherever i am.
I want nothing more then warm/hot weather, a slight breeze.
I want extremely cold good strong alcoholic drinks.
I just want some relaxation time. 
A week away from crazy, nasty people would be soooo nice.
I want bikini weather.
I want the freedom of not having to go to work for a week.
I want to bake in the sun for hours.
I want to swim in clear ocean water to cool off.
 I'm a beach girl at heart. 
I love summer.
I love getting a sunburn, peeling and tanning.
I love drinking in the heat & getting dizzy.
There is NOTHING like summertime/vacation.

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