Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I saved $29.30 today in sales and coupons on cleaning supplies :D
It's crazy how expensive everything is these days its sort of not fair, if i didn't have coupons i wouldn't have saved an extra like $6.
Not to mention that cleaning supplies are rarely ever on sale which makes it harder for people to afford things.
I am also going to see about sending in a rebate offer for one of the products i bought today which will also save me some money when i get the rebate back.

Cutest new up & comming clothing designer

Everything from monogrammed customized clothing, (perfect gift for any occasion) to some the cutest bathing suits I've seen in a really long time!!
The website:
The Facebook page:

The models on the site have the best bodies to show off the suits too.
Ugh I wish i was as skinny as these girls, i need to start up on my diet again hahaha.
But seriously how cute are these suits?!

Plus they do sizing and if you want something customized whether it's something monogrammed or a bathing suit, you can email them and tell them what you would like. What more can you ask for?!

The website:
The Facebook page: