Friday, July 13, 2012

Magic Mike

Though there was a lot of sexy dancing in the movie, and lots of mens asses..
I have to say i think it was a little disappointing!!
Sexy dancing that had girls screaming:

I think 99% of the women who went, went to see it because of Channing Tatum. Everytime he appeared on the screen all the girls in the move theater started to scream!!!! Maybe because of things like the way he humps the dance floor!! LOL: well i cant find a video that works other then this, so it's a sneak peak to those who haven't seen the movie:

We only got to see ONE full frontal SCENE in the ENTIRE movie and the guy was using a penis pump before going on stage and the angle of it you dont know if its a real or fake penis LOL. & they leave it a mystery in interviews if it was really "Big Dick" whatever his characters name was or if it was a prop.  I think there were more naked girls, then guys!! Well, & this scene too which looks kinda fake lol:

 This happened in the first min of the movie, and i thought i was going to go deaf with all the screaming and panting of the girls in the audience lmao. It's just his ass though, not that he isn't good looking but it's still just a guys ass lol men are usually ass or boob men women usually dont care about mens asses.

Don't get me wrong they shows Channing Tatums ass a few times and girls were screaming, including my sister sitting next to me lol but i guess with all those good looking guys, i was hoping for a little more skin. Call me crazy but strippers usually take everything off, don't they??

Not like i was entirely bored during the movie, look at all that eye candy ^^!!