Sunday, April 20, 2014

Soda Pong

I played soda pong with an awesome 5 year old boy yesterday.
Over the last 6 months, this little bugger made himself a place in my heart.
He is my boyfriends friends son, and he is seriously the cutest thing ever and he amazes me.
The mind of a child, is so simple and so complex at the same time.
Sometimes I don't think he even know what he's saying, but he says it and its like WHAT where did he learn that?! 
& if you asked him if he knows what that means he giggles and says no.
LOL kids these days.
I also became his wing woman last night he saw a girl at the party he said he wanted to marry her
So before he left I told her quietly he thought she was very pretty and she kissed him goodnight and he looked like he saw a ghost he was so stunned and shocked it was the cutest thing ever.
So I told his dad, his dad asked him what happened he just blushed and didn't say much.
Then whispered to his dad "my baby left" because she went home.
It was the CUTEST thing ever!!!!
I love kids.... cant wait to have my own some day.


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