Monday, May 5, 2014

Never eat at Wo hop!!

Saturday was an amazing day in the city. Little Italy, China town, east village.
Amazing day with my bf, his mom and brother.
Brunch in little Italy, amazing.
Dinner however was like a scene from twilight zone.
I made the suggestion to go to world famous, Wo Hop in china town.
I figured it's been there for years I heard amazing things about it and it's world famous.
I don't know how this place became world famous.
Canned vegetables, leftover beef, microwaved chicken, rancid sauces.
Not to mention the fact that the workers are rude as can be.
How can you serve food microwaved, old and canned and expect people to eat it?
Needless to say it turned Into a screaming match in the restaurant because the girl was rude didn't want to take back the food and provide us with quality food.
Unreal, if you ever come to NY-

What a dump.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Love me

His mom and his brother LOVE me.
His brother thinks it's awesome how many bands I've seen love and were into a lot of the same music. His mom thinks I'm so nice and sweet and loves to see her son so happy :)
His mom also got my a ton of stuff!!! I didnt know what to say I told her she didn't have to  but she insisted. Bracelets, pajamas, purses it was overwhelming but I appreciate everything.
Can't wait to spend the day with everyone on Saturday. I took off Saturday to be able to spend the day with everyone only because I don't get out of work until late before I get over there can only hang out a few hours before I have to o home bc I have work in the am.