Sunday, November 30, 2014


The kuggle I made for the thanksgiving feast at work was so good, I got a personal and email thank you from the field manager at my job :-D
He said he reminded him of his childhood when he grandma used to make it, and his mom used to try to make it but it was never as good.
But I apparently brought he grandma back by making it so well.
Feels good to cook for people and they like it.
I got several other people from work who never had it before and they really liked it.
The ultimate test was I made one and brought it to my parents for thanksgiving.
My mom said I did a good job and I should make it from now on!!
For those who don't know my mom, she hardly ever gives a compliment.....
And this is her family recipe passed down so it was like I was officially passed the torch of the recipe.
It was a big deal :)
And my brother ate it and didn't complain, he also said I did a good job.
I really thought hell froze over that day.

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