Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Baby steps

Since I'm moving in with the boyfriend in the spring I want to paint the bedroom so it's more like our room.
He agreed, last night after dinner we went to Home Depot and got a ton of purple paint samples.
We literally picked the color in less than one hour!!
It's amazing to be with someone who works with me and we compromise on things and make decisions together.
It's amazing to have a partner who wants to be by your side.
I also bought curtains at Wal-Mart last night.
I got plain black ones.
They are machine washable which is good for when they get dusty.
Also we decided to get black dressers I think so they go with everything that's down the road a little bit though.
We have to now get the paint and eventually Move everything and put a tarp down and get going on this.
But his brothers coming to visit this Saturday for a week or two so it's not going to happen just yet but it will.
Not a rush have time just excited to get it done and make it ours :)
Things will come together, slowly but surely.
Baby steps.

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