Friday, December 5, 2014

Low calorie low sugar low fat Green tea frappiccino

Being that I'm lactose intolerant to a certain extent, I love getting a soy based drink at Starbucks. Dunkin donuts does not offer dairy free options.
But when you go Into any coffee place, what are they REALLY putting in your drink of choice??
Well if you look of the nutrition facts of your favorite Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts drink, you might be displeased like me and want to make these at home from now on.
But not just the high sugar, high fat and high calorie content, going out to get these drinks at a coffee place adds up to a lot of $$!!
Plus, I've been trying to get back on track with a diet since gaining some weight back. And it really grossed Me out looking at some of my favorite drinks in calorie content, I was better off eating a pint of ice cream!!!
Scary isn't it??!!
So I've been making my own green tea Frappuccino at home now, my favorite drink at Starbucks. Now I'm saving myself the trip and 5$+ tax for a cup of the stuff.
My recipe:
1 tsp Green tea powder (matcha) I bought a 1 lb bag for 20$ On amazon which will make way more then 4 drinks so I'm already saving myself a ton.
1 cup silk light vanilla soy milk - you can buy any variety of soy milk you would like but I prefer the light so it's less calories and less sugar.
1/2 cup sugar free vanilla syrup
1 cup ice
Put all in blender, on high until smooth.

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