Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Master Chef

Did I mention how lucky I am to have such an amazing boyfriend??
Not only does he do his own laundry, and clean up after himself...
But he is also an amazing cook!
I honestly think he missed his calling being a chef.
But as he so well put it the other night,
"Chefs have terrible hours, I would never see you. I would be working only nights and weekends because that is when restaurants are busiest."
But also, my reasoning behind this decision to not be a cook-
Working as a chef in a restaurant, you have to make what they want you too cook.
The chef hardly ever decides what he wants to cook.
Menu items for the most part are so cliché.
I like freedom cooking, experimenting.
These are a few things he has made for me lately:
Wontons with cream cheese, crab and scallions:
(The second batch was made with sour cream crab and scallions because we ran out of cream cheese, just as yummy and flavorful.)
Spare ribs with bbq sauce &
Mild buffalo wings tossed in franks red hot & butter.
(I had ranch on the side of mine to dip my wings in. I hate blue cheese.)
Is your mouth watering yet looking at this delicious food??!!
I am the luckiest lady :]

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Men vs. Boys

1. A boy will care about his satisfaction first-
A man will to the best of his ability satisfy his woman first, then worry about himself. I mean this in all aspects from sex- household chores.

2. A boy will make excuses to avoid doing things he doesn't want to do-
A man will be upfront, weather you like it or not. He will tell you he doesn't want to do something instead of dancing around something. Also a real man will more then likely always help you permitting he has the time and the ability to.

3. A boy will ditch you to chill with his homies, and when his homies ditch him for bitches.... You are  supposed to drop what you are doing to be with him.... When it's convenient for him-
A man will never ditch you, a man will want to bring you around his friends and family, as you do the same. As far as bitches - a man won't associate with boys that's demoralize women.

4. A boy will hide behind anger and rude comments. He doesn't want confrontation but sure as hell starts it up by ignoring your texts and phone calls, and not say why he's mad-
A man will tell you right off the bat what is bothering him, sit you down and discuss the issue with you. A man faces a problem head on and makes it a point to talk to out and solve it or compromise.
A man never let's his woman go to bed angry or upset.

5. A man never lies to his woman, even a white lie.... Because he knows if she finds out even though it's nothing major- he wouldn't appreciate being lied to either.
A real man takes his woman's feelings into consideration, he may hurt her... It happens, but he apologizes sincerely and makes the effort to know where she is coming from mentally..

Know your worth.
You deserve to be treated the best you can be treated,
I never knew men like this existed until I met my bf.
This past year has opened up my eyes to what I've been missing all of my life.
It takes a lot of assholes to realize and appreciate a good guy.
If you find a good guy.... Don't be an idiot don't let him go!
This is the guy to give a chance, a nice guy will be the best man for you.
And if you are with a jackass, dump him!
He won't change.
People never change.
Like ever.
I know this for a fact.
Trust me, men are not clay. They are what you know they are but don't want to believe.
Save yourself the heartache and headache.
Stay single until you meet a nice guy, he is the only one worth it. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. 

I don't mean this lightly either, I sometimes stay up until all hours of the night.... pinning things on my boards. 
They inspire me, everything from recipes, to DIY arts and crafts, fashion.
I have about 15 boards currently of everything from:

Wedding things:

 Nursery art:

 Hundreds of recipes too, my mouth waters when i see recipes like this:

 I am not engaged nor am i pregnant, but some of the stuff is so cute. 
I just pin it, and think to myself "i will need this in the future." 
Or, omg that looks delicious i need to make that one day. *PINNING*
I highly recommend the app and or the website.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy new year

Happy new year, 
Happy holidays. 
Hope everyone celebrate safely and had a good time.
I stayed in this New Years and watched movies with the boyfriend on netflix.
I don't like over crowded bars and all the idiots driving on the holidays.
New Year's Day my friend had her daughters 7th birthday, time really flys!!
I got her an outfit a sweater and a pair of leggings. 
Little girls are so cute to shop for :-D 
What did you do for New Years this year?