Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy new year

Happy new year, 
Happy holidays. 
Hope everyone celebrate safely and had a good time.
I stayed in this New Years and watched movies with the boyfriend on netflix.
I don't like over crowded bars and all the idiots driving on the holidays.
New Year's Day my friend had her daughters 7th birthday, time really flys!!
I got her an outfit a sweater and a pair of leggings. 
Little girls are so cute to shop for :-D 
What did you do for New Years this year?


Jax said...

I didn’t do much different! I went to moms and waited for the ball to drop playing charades. Other than the one year Bradley came for NYE, I never really did anything crazy. Glad you enjoyed your quiet night at home with your man. Sounds like a great way to bring in the new year! 

MurphysLaw said...

sometimes it is just nice to have a nice quiet in, i hope that doesnt mean we are getting old jax :X