Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jerry Only Misfits

Friday night we went to see The Misfits!!
Yes, we go to see them on Friday the 13th!!
They put on an awesome live show. 
My only gripe was that they played a lot of the songs much faster so it had a different melody/beat and they ended up shortening up a lot of their songs...
I am very happy to report though, they played Saturday Night at the correct speed & melody. 
The speed & melody of this song, basically makes the song so I'm glad they played it accurately or i would have been pissed.
They played dozens of my favorite songs, the only song i love they didn't play was Last Caress. 
But i was extremely happy they played a lot of older stuff, my favorite stuff. 

I got to meet the lead singer, Jerry Only!!:

I now have a picture with Michael Graves & Jerry Only- 
Their autographs too!!
I just need to track down Danzig....
Then i will have all singers from the Misfits autographs & pictures.

The bf had a good time too, It was his first concert!
I think mainly he had a good time because I was sooooo damn excited to be seeing like my all time favorite band.  
Minus the drunk idiot that was being super weird it was an awesome night.
Also ran into a few people i know which is always cool.

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